38 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Natural Curls: Curly Queen Creations

Unlock the secret to effortless elegance with our curated collection of hairstyles explicitly tailored for your natural curls. From chic updos to playful twists, embark on a journey of self-expression and embrace your curly crown with confidence and flair.

1. Pineapple Ponytail

Image Credit: @bymadebeautiful

The “Pineapple Ponytail” is a beloved style for natural curls, effortlessly gathered at the crown for overnight preservation, resulting in defined and bouncy curls. It’s a quick and playful way to keep curls intact while adding a touch of flair to any look, a favorite among curly queens everywhere.

2. Twist Out Braid

Image Credit: @itsdaelle

The “Twist Out Braid” combines the definition of a twist out with the elegance of a braid, resulting in a versatile and stylish hairstyle for natural curls. This quick and easy technique creates beautiful texture and volume, making it a go-to choice for curly queens looking to elevate their look with minimal effort.

3. Half-Up Half-Down Bun

Image Credit: @naturall_val88

The “Half-Up Half-Down Bun” offers the perfect blend of sophistication and ease for natural curls, pulling the top half of the hair into a bun while leaving the rest cascading freely. This versatile style keeps hair out of the face while showcasing the curls’ natural beauty, making it a go-to option for curly queens on the go.

4. Twin Cornrows

“Twin Cornrows” offer a sleek and stylish way to keep natural curls neat and manageable, with two parallel braids framing the face. This quick and trendy hairstyle adds flair to your look and helps maintain your curls’ shape, making it a favorite among curly queens seeking both style and practicality.

5. Wash and Go

Image Credit: @hairbyreema

The “Wash and Go” is a beloved staple for natural curls, simply washing the hair and allowing it to air dry without manipulation. This effortless yet chic style celebrates the curls’ natural texture, making it a quick and easy go-to for curly queens embracing their natural beauty.

6. Curly Bangs

Image Credit: @brittminetti

“Curly Bangs” offers a bold and playful way to frame the face, adding a personality and flair to any curly hairstyle. This trendy and versatile option allows curly queens to showcase their natural texture while making a stylish statement with minimal effort.

7. High Bun with Scarf

Image Credit: @lovelightlocs

The “High Bun with Scarf” elevates the classic bun with a colorful twist, adding flair and practicality to any look for curly queens.

8. Pearly Curly

Image Credit: @oliviascanu

“Pearly Curly” is a whimsical style that incorporates pearl accessories into natural curls, adding a touch of elegance and charm. This unique combination offers a sophisticated yet playful look for curly queens who want to stand out with effortless glamour.

9. Low Bun with Scarf

Image Credit: @wishuponacurl

The “Low Bun with Scarf” blends elegance and playfulness, adding a colorful scarf to the classic bun. This versatile style keeps curls neat while infusing flair into any look; curly queens love it for its practical yet stylish appeal.

10. Voluminous Curls

Image Credit: @camilacanutoc

“Voluminous Curls” celebrate curly hair’s natural fullness and bounce, exuding confidence and charm. This timeless style is a go-to for curly queens looking to embrace their texture with flair and grace.

11. Curly Hair with Scrunchie

Image Credit: @frizzandfrillzz

“Curly Hair with Scrunchie” is a playful yet practical style, as the scrunchie adds a touch of color and fun while keeping curls secure. This effortless look effortlessly blends style and convenience, making it a favorite among curly queens for both casual outings and special occasions.

12. Half-Up Half-Down Curls

Image Credit: @oliviascanu

“Half-Up Half-Down Curls” strike the perfect balance between elegance and ease, with the top half of the hair pulled back while the rest cascades freely. This versatile style showcases the natural beauty of curls while offering practicality and charm, making it a beloved choice among curly queens for any occasion.

13. Cascading Mid-Length Curls

Image Credit: @wella

Curl your hair using a curling wand or iron, then gently brush out the curls for a soft and romantic look with cascading waves.

14. Sleek Side Part

Image Credit: @potentexperience

The “Sleek Side Part” is a timeless style that adds sophistication to natural curls, with a defined part lending an air of elegance to the look. This chic and polished option is perfect for curly queens seeking a sleek, refined hairstyle with minimal effort.

15. Messy Bun

Image Credit: @curlysity

The “Messy Bun” effortlessly gathers natural curls into a casual yet chic updo, radiating charm and versatility. Beloved by curly queens, this laid-back style is perfect for lazy days and stylish outings.

16. Chunky Twist Braids

Chunky Twist Braids” offer a stylish and protective hairstyle for natural curls, combining chunky braids that showcase the texture and volume of curly hair. Curly queens love this trendy and practical option for keeping curls neat and stylish while minimizing manipulation and damage.

17. Defined Curls with Flexi Rods

Image Credit: @snaaya

Flexi Rods” create stunning, uniform curls for curly hair with minimal effort. TCurly hair enthusiasts favor this technique for its maximum impact.

18. Updo Curly Braid

Image Credit: @style_cupid

Upgrade your look with the “Updo Curly Braid,” a chic amalgamation of elegance and texture, intertwining natural curls into a stunning braided updo. This effortlessly sophisticated style captures the essence of curly hair’s beauty, which is perfect for any occasion and adored by curly queens worldwide.

19. Curly Bun with Clips

Image Credit: @oliviascanu

“Curly Bun with Clips” offers a delightful blend of practicality and charm, as curls are gathered into a bun and adorned with stylish clips for a touch of flair. This versatile hairstyle effortlessly combines elegance with ease, making it a favorite among curly queens for casual days and special events.

20. Curl Popping

Image Credit: @sharonmeze

“Curl Popping” is the ultimate celebration of natural curls, highlighting their texture, volume, and bounce with minimal manipulation. This technique, adored by curly queens, allows curls to shine in full glory, exuding confidence and vitality.

21. Messy Side Part

Image Credit: @jhairieciprian

The “Messy Side Part” adds a casual yet chic flair to natural curls, with a relaxed parting that effortlessly frames the face. This versatile style is a favorite among curly queens for its effortless charm and laid-back elegance.

22. Brushed Out Curls

Image Credit: @carmen.solomons

“Brushed Out Curls” present a relaxed yet voluminous aesthetic, achieved by delicately brushing natural curls to form soft waves with enhanced texture. This effortless style radiates a carefree aura, making it a beloved choice among curly queens for its effortless elegance and subtle charm.

23. Short Afro Hair

Image Credit: @itsjustpearl1

“Short Afro Hair” embodies boldness and confidence, celebrating tightly coiled curls’ natural texture and shape in a close-cropped style. This timeless look exudes individuality and flair, making it a favorite among those who embrace their unique beauty and embrace the essence of their curls.

24. Sleek Low Ponytail

Image Credit: @qthebraider

The “Sleek Low Ponytail” epitomizes chic simplicity, as natural curls are smoothed down and gathered at the nape of the neck for a sophisticated look. This versatile style effortlessly combines elegance with ease, making it a go-to choice for curly queens seeking understated glamour for any occasion.

25. Bantu Knot Out

Image Credit: @adannamadueke

The “Bantu Knot Out” transforms natural curls into defined and voluminous waves, created by twisting sections of hair into tiny knots and unraveling them for stunning results. This versatile technique offers a playful yet sophisticated look, making it a favorite among curly queens for its ability to enhance texture and showcase the beauty of curls.

26. Crown Twist

Image Credit: @crystalmaduka

The “Crown Twist” is a regal and elegant style that adds sophistication to natural curls, with two flat twists joining at the back to create a beautiful crown-like effect. This versatile hairstyle keeps curls tidy and adds a touch of glamour to any look, making it a beloved choice among curly queens for its timeless charm.

27. Curl Frohawk

Image Credit: @curlsidoadore_

The “Curl Frohawk” is a bold and edgy hairstyle that showcases curls’ natural volume and texture, with mini ponytails along the center of the head, creating a striking Mohawk-inspired look. This statement style exudes confidence and individuality, making it a favorite among curly queens for its unique and daring flair.

28. Curly Space Buns

Image Credit: @hotonbeauty

“Curly Space Buns” fuse whimsy with practicality, as curls are gathered into two buns on either side of the head, creating a playful and youthful vibe. This trendy hairstyle keeps curls out of the way and adds a touch of fun to any look, making it a favorite among curly queens for its versatility and charm.

29. Curly Faux Hawk

Image Credit: @jori.chioma

The “Curly Faux Hawk” offers a chic and daring departure from conventional updos, with curls sleeked back along the sides to emulate the Mohawk style. This edgy yet modern hairstyle has become a beloved choice among curly queens for its distinctive and audacious appeal.

30. Curly Top Knot

Image Credit: @tayloranise

The “Curly Top Knot” is a stylish choice for natural curls gathered into a high bun for a chic look. It adds sophistication to any style, making it a favorite among curly queens for its effortless elegance.

31. Mid-Length Curly Hair

Image Credit: @ally.renee1

“Mid-Length Curly Hair” offers versatility and charm, balancing manageability with volume. Loved by curly queens, its timeless appeal allows for effortless beauty and adaptable styling.

32. Curly Bob with Fringe

The “Curly Bob with Fringe” is a chic and playful hairstyle adored by curly queens for its stylish simplicity and youthful charm.

33. Colorful Highlights Curly Hair

Image Credit: @pati.rodrigz

“Colorful Highlights Curly Hair” adds personality and flair to natural curls, showcasing individuality with vibrant hues. Curly queens adore it and enhance curls’ beauty with a playful touch of color.

34. Shaggy Balayage

Image Credit: @hairbyreema

“Shaggy Balayage” combines effortless texture with sun-kissed highlights, creating a relaxed and tousled look. This trendy style adds dimension and depth to natural curls, making it a favorite among curly queens for its laid-back elegance.

35. Caramel Delight

Image Credit: @curlfactor

“Caramel Delight” infuses warm caramel tones into natural curls, creating a rich and luscious color palette. This indulgent hue adds depth and dimension to curly hair, captivating admirers with its sweet and sophisticated allure.

36. Cascading Short Curls

Image Credit: @amavithesalon

“Cascading Short Curls” effortlessly frame the face with natural charm and grace. Beloved by curly queens, this style exudes timeless elegance with ease.

37. Curly Cut Blend

Image Credit: @urbanbloomcurls

“Curly Cut Blend” enhances natural curls with stylish layers and texture. Loved by curly queens, it offers modern allure with effortless charm.

38. Long Jet Black Curls

Image Credit: @alyssarxs

“Long Jet Black Curls” cascade with striking elegance and charm, epitomizing timeless sophistication. This classic style captivates with its rich hue and luxurious length, making it a favorite among curly queens for its dramatic beauty.