31 Top Euphoria Makeup Styles to Recreate at Home: Get the Look

Euphoria makeup is more than cosmetics; it’s a vivid expression of inner artistry and fearless individuality. Whether the show’s characters inspire you or want to add sparkle to your daily routine, these styles will help you showcase your creativity and shine.

1. Rhinestone Accents

Image Credit: @ohhmels

Introduce a hint of radiance to your makeup with rhinestone accents, a perfect way to capture the ‘Euphoria’ vibe. It’s as simple as applying tiny rhinestones around your eyes or along your brow bone using lash glue. This effortless yet glamorous look is sure to make you stand out.

2. Glitter Tears

Image Credit: @dasik_sokha

“Glitter Tears” is an iconic “Euphoria” makeup look that combines drama and sparkle. To achieve this, apply a generous amount of glitter under your eyes, allowing it to cascade down your cheeks like shimmering tears, adding a touch of emotional glam to any makeup style.

3. Neon Eyeliner

Image Credit: @sorokairyna

Neon eyeliner is a bold and vibrant “Euphoria” makeup trend that instantly draws attention to your eyes. To recreate this look, use neon-colored eyeliner to create striking, graphic shapes or classic wings, adding a color that stands out and makes a statement.

4. Holographic Highlighter

Image Credit: @themakeuplovers.lt

To achieve the ethereal glow seen in “Euphoria,” embrace the holographic highlighter trend. Use it to your cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a mesmerizing, multidimensional shimmer that effortlessly captures the show’s futuristic and dreamy aesthetic.

5. Bold Cut Crease

Image Credit: @evyxo_

Capture the striking essence of “Euphoria” with a bold cut crease. Perfect your eyeshadow application to create sharp, defined lines above your eyelid crease, using vibrant colors or shimmer to achieve a dramatic look inspired by the show’s fearless makeup trends.

6. Pastel Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @jantoski23

Embrace pastel eyeshadows for a soft, dreamy “Euphoria”-inspired look. Sweep delicate shades like lavender, mint, or peach across your lids for a whimsical and ethereal vibe that mirrors the show’s enchanting aesthetic.

7. Smoky Eyes with a Twist

Image Credit: @claudiu.burca

To add a modern twist to classic smoky eyes inspired by “Euphoria,” blend deep, sultry tones like plum or charcoal with unexpected pops of shimmer or iridescence. This technique creates a captivating depth and dimension that aligns perfectly with the show’s bold and innovative makeup styles.

8. Graphic Eyeliner

Image Credit: @romaneinnc

For a “Euphoria”-inspired look with a twist, delve into graphic eyeliner. Experiment with bold shapes and unconventional designs using vivid colors or metallic accents to achieve a dramatic and artistic appearance reminiscent of the show’s innovative makeup styles.

9. Gradient Lips

Image Credit: @justmyglam

To achieve a “Euphoria”-inspired gradient lip, blend two or more complementary shades smoothly from the center of your lips outward. This technique creates a captivating, multi-dimensional effect that enhances your lips with a modern and artistic flair, reflecting the show’s innovative approach to makeup.

10. Floating Eyeliner

Image Credit: @manisha02224

For a chic “Euphoria”-inspired look, try floating eyeliner. Apply bold lines or intricate designs above your crease or along your brow bone, using contrasting colors or metallics for a futuristic and artistic effect that mirrors the show’s cutting-edge makeup styles.

11. Colorful Mascara

Image Credit: @artistryanz

For a fun take inspired by “Euphoria,” embrace colorful mascara. Apply shades such as electric blue, purple, or green to your lashes for a striking and unconventional look that reflects the show’s innovative approach to makeup.

12. Glossy Lids

Image Credit: @sarahbrownphoto

To achieve a “Euphoria”-inspired glossy lid look, use a clear or tinted gloss over your eyeshadow for a high-shine finish that reflects light and adds a luxurious dimension to your eyes. This trend effortlessly captures the show’s bold and glamorous aesthetic.

13. Rainbow Eyes

Image Credit: @ajbelarte

Experiment with rainbow eyes for a vibrant “Euphoria”-inspired look. Blend bold colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple across your lids for a dazzling and playful effect that embodies the show’s colorful and daring makeup styles.

14. Metallic Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @danessa_myricks

For a “Euphoria”-inspired look, embrace metallic eyeshadow. Opt for shades such as silver, gold, or any color you choose to achieve a luminous and reflective finish that adds a modern and glamorous twist to your eye makeup, reflecting the show’s daring and innovative makeup trends.

15. Geometric Patterns

Image Credit: @amirasokkar

To channel the avant-garde style of “Euphoria,” experiment with geometric patterns in your makeup. Create intricate designs using contrasting colors or metallic accents on your eyelids or around your eyes for a bold, artistic look that embodies the show’s innovative approach to beauty.

16. Butterfly Accents

Image Credit: @theballerinabridemua

To capture the whimsical essence of “Euphoria,” incorporate butterfly accents into your makeup. Use delicate stencils or appliques to adorn your eyes or cheeks, creating a mystical and artistic look that reflects the show’s imaginative approach to beauty.

17. Feathered Colored Brows

Image Credit: @taylormurray__

To achieve a bold and artistic look inspired by “Euphoria,” experiment with feathered colored brows. Use vibrant shades to delicately fill and shape your brows, creating a striking statement that embodies the show’s avant-garde makeup trends.

18. Starry Eyes

Image Credit: @slightlyunblended

For a celestial-inspired look reminiscent of “Euphoria,” achieve starry eyes with shimmering eyeshadows in silver, gold, or iridescent tones. Accentuate the effect by applying small star-shaped glitter or sequins around your eyes for a dreamy and magical appearance, echoing the show’s enchanting makeup styles.

19. Color Blocking

Image Credit: @satinsilkskin

Color blocking in ‘Euphoria’ makeup involves using vibrant, contrasting colors on different parts of the face to create striking geometric shapes and bold statements. To recreate this trend at home, experiment with bright eyeshadows and liners, focusing on clean lines and distinct blocks of color to achieve a high-impact look.

20. Halo Eye

Image Credit: @sendo.mua

The halo eye makeup style, popularized by ‘Euphoria,’ features a bright or shimmering shade concentrated in the center of the eyelid, wrapped by darker shades on the inner and outer corners. To achieve this at home, blend a darker eyeshadow on the edges of your eyelid and apply a pop of metallic or bright color in the middle for a captivating, dimensional effect.

21. Freckle Accents

Image Credit: @tyronmachhausen

Freckle accents, a whimsical touch seen in ‘Euphoria,’ involve adding faux freckles across the nose and cheeks for a playful, youthful vibe. To recreate this look at home, use a fine-tipped brow pencil or a freckle pen to dot tiny, natural-looking freckles onto your skin, setting them with a light dusting of translucent powder.

22. Ombre Eyeliner

Image Credit: @theartistedit

Ombre eyeliner, a mesmerizing trend from ‘Euphoria,’ features a gradient effect that transitions smoothly from one color to another along the lash line. To achieve this look at home, blend two or more complementary eyeliner shades, starting with the lighter color at the inner corner of your eye and gradually merging into a darker hue towards the outer corner.

23. Vibrant Summer Waterline

Image Credit: @ohhmels

The vibrant summer waterline, inspired by ‘Euphoria,’ involves lining the waterline with bright, bold colors to create a fun and eye-catching pop. To get this look at home, choose vivid eyeliners in shades like electric blue, neon green, or hot pink, and carefully apply them to your lower waterline for a playful and summery accent.

24. Iridescent Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @satinsilkskin

Iridescent eyeshadow, a magical element from ‘Euphoria,’ features multi-dimensional shades that shift colors with the light, creating a captivating and ethereal effect. To achieve this look at home, apply a high-quality iridescent eyeshadow to your eyelids, layering and blending it to catch different angles of light, ensuring your eyes sparkle with every movement.

25. Minimalist Sparkles

Image Credit: @alexademiediary

Minimalist sparkles, a subtle yet enchanting trend from ‘Euphoria,’ incorporate delicate hints of glitter or shimmer to accentuate your natural features. To recreate this at home, lightly dab a fine glitter or shimmer eyeshadow onto the inner corners of your eyes or along your cheekbones for a touch of understated glamour.

26. Artistic Face Paint

Image Credit: @maddys.makeup

Artistic face paint, a bold and creative trend from ‘Euphoria,’ transforms the face into a canvas with intricate designs and vibrant colors. To replicate this at home, use face-safe paints or highly pigmented makeup to create unique patterns, shapes, and motifs, letting your imagination run wild for a truly standout look.

27. Bold Underliner

Image Credit: @alexademigoddess_

Bold underliner, a striking ‘Euphoria’ makeup trend, features a dramatic line of color or dark eyeliner along the lower lash line, adding intensity and definition. To recreate this look at home, choose a vibrant or dark eyeliner shade and carefully trace it along your lower lashes, extending slightly beyond the outer corner for a bold, eye-catching effect.

28. Electric Blue Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @alisonmakeupp

Electric blue eyeshadow, a daring trend from ‘Euphoria,’ brings a rich pop of color to the eyes, creating an unforgettable look. To achieve this at home, pack a richly pigmented electric blue eyeshadow onto your lids, blending out the edges for a bold, seamless finish that commands attention.

29. Crystal Embellishments

Image Credit: @maddyperezmakeup

Crystal embellishments, a stunning ‘Euphoria’ makeup trend, involve adorning the face with tiny, sparkling gems to create a glamorous and ethereal look. To recreate this at home, use cosmetic glue to carefully place crystals around the eyes, on the temples, or even along the eyebrows for an alluring effect that catches the light and adds luxury to your makeup.

30. Icy Smokey Eye

Image Credit: @maddyperezmakeup

Inspired by ‘Euphoria,’ the icy smokey eye blends cool-toned shades like silver, icy blue, and grey to create a frosty and captivating look. To achieve this at home, start with a matte grey base, then layer shimmering silver and icy blue shades on the lid and blend into the crease for a dramatic yet elegant finish that embodies the essence of winter cool.

31. The Double Liner Look

Image Credit: @pnkdemie

As seen in ‘Euphoria,’ the double liner look involves applying two distinct eyeliner styles to create a unique contrast and visual interest. To recreate this at home, start with a classic black or brown eyeliner along the upper lash line, then add a second line above it using a bright color or metallic eyeliner for a bold and modern twist on the traditional eyeliner application.