21 Galaxy Nail Designs That Will Mesmerize You: Out-of-This-World

Reach for the stars, but first, let your nails shine like the galaxy. Brace yourself for an enchanting journey into galaxy-inspired designs that redefine nail art.

1. Negative Outer Space

Image Credit: @thepolishedbotanist

Dip into the cosmos with ‘Negative Outer Space’ designs, where the allure of galaxies emerges through strategically placed voids, creating an ethereal and captivating dance between your natural nails and the cosmic wonders beyond.

2. Colorful Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @burritonails

Explore the vibrant side of the universe with Colorful Galaxy Nails, where a spectrum of cosmic hues converges on your fingertips, turning your manicure into a dazzling celestial masterpiece.

3. Deep-Sea Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @cute.clawz

Beneath the waves and beyond the stars, find the magic on your fingertips with deep-sea galaxy nails. Dive into the enchanting depths of style with Deep-Sea Galaxy Nails, where rich aquatic tones blend seamlessly with cosmic elements, creating a mesmerizing underwater universe at your fingertips.

4. Northern Lights Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @qwjluna

Captivate your senses with the celestial dance of colors as Northern Lights Galaxy Nails take center stage, bringing the awe-inspiring beauty of the aurora borealis to your fingertips in a stunning cosmic display.

5. Glittery Celestial Nails

Image Credit: @swaknails

Twinkle like the stars with this celestial-inspired nail art – where every glitter reflects the beauty of the night sky, creating a dazzling constellation of glamour on your fingertips.

6. Holographic Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @burritonails

Beyond the ordinary, into the extraordinary: Elevate your style with holographic galaxy nails, where the iridescent allure of holography meets cosmic inspiration.

7. Dark Ombre Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @mooncat

Create an otherworldly allure with dark ombre galaxy nails. Experience the mystery and allure of the night sky on your fingertips with a seamless blend of deep, enigmatic shades that craft an otherworldly ombre effect.

8. Pastel Planet Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @atomicowl

Celestial sweetness in every stroke – pastel planet galaxy nails for a dreamy, ethereal look, and dreamy hues collide in a cosmic dance, turning your fingertips into a celestial canvas of pastel perfection that’s both enchanting and utterly unique.

9. Dark & Purple Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @nailbastion

Mystical purples swirling in a sea of darkness: Dark and purple galaxy nails for a captivating and cosmic look. 

10. Red & Black Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @burritonails

The cosmic heartbeat in every stroke – red and black galaxy nails for an intense and powerful vibe. Ignite cosmic allure with Red & Black Galaxy Nails, where the passionate intensity of red blends seamlessly with the mysterious depth of black, crafting a captivating cosmic fusion on your fingertips that commands attention and mystique.

11. Silver Metallic Galaxy Nails

Image Credi: @_karebeauty_

Mirror the stars with metallic glam–silver galaxy nails for a contemporary and celestial look, where the sleek elegance of silver merges seamlessly with celestial inspiration, transforming your fingertips into a metallic masterpiece that gleams like the stars in the night sky.

12. Cat Eyes Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @nail.bymazy

Whisker away into a galaxy far, far away with the captivating beauty of cat eyes and galaxy nails. Channel the feline mystique with Cat Eyes Galaxy Nails, where the compelling gaze of cat eyes meets the cosmic allure, creating a mesmerizing and playful nail design that’s chic and cosmically charming.

13. Dark Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @neneashraf__

A symphony of cosmic hues in the dark: Transform your nails into a galaxy of mystery and allure. Channel the feline mystique with Cat Eyes Galaxy Nails, where the captivating gaze of cat eyes meets the cosmic allure, creating a mesmerizing and playful nail design that’s chic and cosmically charming.

14. Blue Sky Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @nicolettesnails

A serene journey into the cosmos begins on your fingertips with the mesmerizing allure of blue sky galaxy nails, where the quiet beauty of a clear blue sky merges with cosmic elements, resulting in a breathtaking celestial masterpiece on your fingertips that mirrors the vastness of the universe.

15. Lavender Aura Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @sammismanis

Serenity meets cosmic beauty—lavender aura galaxy nails for a dreamy, enchanting nail art expression, casting a spellbinding aura on your fingertips that captures the mystical charm of the universe.

16. Black Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @queenbreenails

Discover the infinite expanse of the cosmos at your fingertips with the elegance of Black Galaxy Nails. Experience the cosmic allure of the universe at your fingertips with Black Galaxy Nails.

17. Stilleto Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @klawedby_kristen

Dare to stand out with Stiletto Galaxy Nails – a striking blend of cosmic charm and fierce glamour. Embrace cosmic glamour with Stiletto Galaxy Nails, where the sharp elegance of stiletto-shaped nails meets celestial inspiration, resulting in a mesmerizing and striking nail design.

18. Magnetic Stary Nails

Image Credit: @qwjluna

Draw constellations on your nails with Magnetic Starry Nails – a mesmerizing display of cosmic charm. Get mesmerized by Magnetic Starry Nails, where magnetic polish creates a celestial dance of stars on your fingertips, offering a captivating and futuristic take on galaxy-inspired nail art.

19. Golden Glimmer Galaxy Nails

Image Credit: @sansungnails

Paint the galaxy with a touch of luxury – Golden Glimmer Galaxy Nails for a glamorous and radiant look. Experience cosmic elegance with Golden Glimmer Galaxy Nails, where the sparkling charm of gold intertwines with celestial motifs, creating a captivating and luxurious nail design that’s sure to turn heads.

20. Black & White Cosmos

Image Credit: @deadly.claws_

Find solace in the simplicity of the cosmos with Black & White Cosmos nails – a serene journey into the night sky. 

21. Dreamy Galaxy Nails

Float through the cosmos on a cloud of dreams with these ethereal Dreamy Galaxy Nails – where fantasy meets reality, creating an enchanting nail design as mesmerizing as the night sky.