Leggings vs Jeggings: Know Their Differences

Leggings and jeggings are tight-fitting pants that can be used to complete almost any type of casual wear outfit. If you are into comfort and style, these are the ones to go for. The fabric used on either of them is stretchy and soft, you’d never get tired of wearing them! There’s just a slight difference between the two if you’d ask me. 

While leggings are your typical informal wear that can come in various prints, styles, lengths, and fabrics, jeggings are another type of leggings made to resemble a real pair of jeans and nothing more. 

Confused about which of the two to get? Here’s a quick comparison table on leggings vs jeggings:

FitSkin tight and stretchy.Skin-tight but less stretchy.
MaterialUsually cotton, polyester, wool, spandex, nylon, cotton lycra. Typically knit polyester with spandex.
Fabric TextureSoft to the touch.Softer than jeans but rougher than leggings.
ComfortabilityUsually lightweight, extremely comfortable, and breathable.Can be heavier than leggings, but it’s still comfortable.
StyleLeggings can come in various lengths, colors, prints, and fabrics.Generally looks like a pair of denim pants.
WearLeggings are great for casual events or meet-ups. They can also be worn for your workout drills.Can be worn on the same casual events where leggings are deemed acceptable, but not in the gym.

What Are Leggings?

Leggings are primarily form-fitting, stretchable, and smooth. They are pants that completely cover the legs or sit just below the knee. This is one of the wardrobe staples of many women all over the world. A pair of leggings can elevate any kind of look! From classic tank tops to formal blouses, name it, they’re undeniably a perfect match with the leggings. 

Look dashing with a long coat on or exude a cool atmosphere by throwing on a denim jacket. Seriously, there’s not much of a limit in fashion choices when you wear a pair of leggings.

Even though each legging is made up of different fabrics, they all have one thing in common: they are all made from soft-knit materials. This is one of the reasons why countless ladies wear them every single day! And, should you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you no longer have to think hard concerning what outfit to wear to the gym. Workout leggings are sold by various brands in the market.


  • One of the coziest pants you can wear.
  • Highly versatile as they can complete any kind of look.
  • Can be personalized depending on your taste thanks to its wide array of patterns, styles, and colors.


  • Can be inappropriate in certain settings like the workplace and fancy restaurants.
  • Some leggings can be too tight.
  • Leggings with crop tops can make you feel slightly exposed since the fabric isn’t as thick as the jeans to offer full coverage.

Outfit Ideas to Try On Leggings

There are loads of reasons to love leggings and none to not grow fond of them. These garments are what you’d consider your essential items, especially if you’re always on the go or you commit to daily workouts. We can’t emphasize enough how flexible they are. Need proof? Here are some of the outfits that can inspire you to get creative:

1. Simple but Instagrammable

Simple but Instagrammable

Kill it in every shot by wearing an oversized shirt and a pair of black leggings. You can definitely try any colors, just don’t forget to keep the top and the bottom matchy or close in shades. Put a belt or a designer fanny pack around your waist to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. Wondering what shoes best fit the entire look? Black boots. They’d make your legs appear longer. With that, you’re ready for the second part of the photoshoot!


2. Look Good in Nude

Take inspiration from the fashion trend that Kim K herself started. God knows when this will end, but it’s definitely not now or in five years! Look for a quality pair of nude leggings and put on its top coordinate. Why not make use of a nude jacket as well if you have one ready in your closet? Got some nude shoes too? Girl, it’s not VERY obvious that nude’s your favorite color. Go out and get ready to turn heads!

3. Casually Chic

In visiting a new town or city, it’s important that you look at your best. You can instantly draw attention if you know how to mix and match your clothing. Black or any darker shades of leggings will keep you comfortable as you roam around the vicinity of the area. If you don’t want to flaunt your rear end, a longer top will save you from feeling awkward. Lastly, level up your fashion game by throwing in a pink leather jacket and sunglasses!

What Are Jeggings?

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to identifying what jeggings are, really. They’re just leggings basically, but they’re designed to appear like your typical jeans. In so many areas, jeggings carry the same characteristics as leggings, especially when it comes to texture. 

Even though jeggings are meant to look denim, the fabric used isn’t that of what you’d usually expect from a pair of jeans. Jeggings are soft, stretchy, and more lightweight than the real deal. They’re made from knit polyester and spandex while jeans are more into cotton twill fabrics. 

Surprisingly, jeggings come in different styles, but we call them “washes”. 


  • Can be worn in some workplaces.
  • More comfy and affordable than a regular pair of jeans.
  • Some jeggings look more appealing than leggings.


  • Can’t be worn to the gym.
  • Not as good as the real jeans as jeggings don’t have real pockets or belt loops.
  • Styles and colors are limited.

Outfit Ideas to Try On Jeggings

Another thing that needs discussion is the jeggings. Although they have very limited features and looks, denim jeggings remain versatile. Does your company include these in its dress code? If it does, put on a formal top so you won’t have to ache your head in thinking about what else to wear. Here are some inspos you can take on:

1. Always On the Go

Always On the Go

Are you the spontaneous type? Surely, if someone beeps your phone asking you to come over to a friend’s house or meet at a nearby cafe shop ASAP, you would no longer have enough time thinking about what outfit to wear. But, if you got some jeggings purchased, then keep yourself from getting clouded by worries concerning how you’d present yourself in public. A simple gray lightweight sweatshirt with a knot at the front paired with winter boots is just an awesome, non-monotonous ensemble that would match any type of jeggings

2. Back to Black

Of course, jeggings also come in black, but most of them have prominent zippers in gold that look elegant at every angle. If you feel like wearing a sort of pants without sacrificing the comfort you’d usually get from a pair of leggings, the jeggings type is definitely what you’re looking for. Look sexy by going all black from the jacket and shirt down to the shoes. Nude makeup and a simple hairdo in a ponytail are enough to turn heads!

3. Like a Casual Beauty

Like a Casual Beauty

If you are into showing your figure, then a crop top and jeggings will do it for you. You don’t have to stress yourself out anymore regarding what to wear on a girls’ night-out or if you have a few relatives coming over to your house for dinner. Show the simple you with just a few garments on! Or, if you like, layering would definitely upgrade your whole look, so you can put on a blazer or a jacket, and don’t forget to complete the dapper image of yours with a pair of stilettos or open-toe heels. Whatever works for you!

Are Leggings or Jeggings Better?

In all honesty, it depends on what you prefer. You can say that leggings are more of a general term for tight-fitting garments you can wear almost anywhere and jeggings are just the subtype that can sometimes be worn inside your company building. Nevertheless, if you’re thinking about wearing pants for your yoga, training drills, or casual meet-ups with your friends and co-workers, leggings would be the best choice. Most of them, particularly those from reputable brands, are durable, timeless, and of high quality. 

However, if you like the particular look of jeggings and the somewhat formal vibes it gives off, you can absolutely wear and strut them in public. The only downside is they’re not as long-lasting as your typical high-class leggings, but rest assured that jeggings have a thicker fabric, so you won’t have to feel shy about showing your rear!