Navy Blue Leggings Outfit Ideas: Stylish and Comfortable Ways to Wear Them

One of the best things about navy blue leggings is that they can be paired with almost any color or pattern. For a classic and sophisticated look, navy blue leggings can be paired with a crisp white shirt or blouse. Alternatively, navy blue leggings can be paired with a cozy sweater or oversized t-shirt for a more casual and laid-back look.

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From sleek and sporty to chic and sophisticated, there are endless ways to style navy blue leggings. With the right accessories and footwear, navy blue leggings can be transformed into a chic outfit that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a bold and colorful ensemble, navy blue leggings are a versatile and comfortable wardrobe staple worn year-round.

Navy Blue Leggings Outfit Ideas for Women

Navy blue leggings are versatile and stylish, making them a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether running errands, hitting the gym, or going out on the town, navy blue leggings can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Below are some outfit ideas to help you make the most of your navy blue leggings.

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Casual Outfits

Pair navy blue leggings with a loose-fitting tunic top and ankle boots for a casual daytime look. As per experience, you can add a denim jacket for extra warmth and accessorize with a scarf or statement necklace. Alternatively, pair your leggings with a cozy sweater and sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish outfit perfect for running errands or meeting friends for coffee.

Athletic Outfits

Navy blue leggings are a great choice for the gym or yoga studio. Pair the leggings with a sports bra and tank top to create a functional outfit. For warmth, add a zip-up hoodie or lightweight jacket. Complete the look with a pair of running shoes. For a pop of color, accessorize with a bright headband or wristband.

Dressy Outfits

For a night out or a special event, navy blue leggings can be elevated with a flowy blouse and heels, creating a comfortable yet sophisticated and stylish ensemble. Alternatively, pair them with a fitted blazer and ankle boots for a polished look. Add statement jewelry and a clutch purse to complete the outfit.

Accessories to Pair with Navy Blue Leggings

When styling navy blue leggings, accessories can make a big difference. For example, adding shoes, jewelry, and bags can elevate your outfit from casual to chic. Here are some ideas for accessories to pair with navy blue leggings.


The right shoes can make or break an outfit. Regarding navy blue leggings, various shoe options can work well; here are a few ideas:

  • Ankle Boots: Ankle boots are a terrific choice for cooler weather. When paired with navy blue leggings, black or brown ankle boots can create a sleek, streamlined look.
  • Sneakers: Sneakers are a comfy and casual option that can work well with navy blue leggings. White sneakers can create a fresh, sporty look, while black sneakers can create a more edgy vibe.
  • Flats: Flats are a cozy and versatile option that can work well for various occasions. Nude or black flats can create a classic look, while metallic or patterned flats can add fun and personality to your outfit.


Jewelry can add some sparkle and shine to your navy blue leggings outfit. Here are some ideas for jewelry to pair with navy blue leggings:

  • Statement Necklace: A statement necklace can add drama and visual interest to your outfit. Look for necklaces with bold colors or interesting shapes to make a statement.
  • Stacked Bracelets: Stacked bracelets can add texture and dimension to your outfit. Look for bracelets in different colors and materials to create a layered look.
  • Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings are a classic accessory that can work well with navy blue leggings. Look for hoops in different sizes and metals to create various looks.


A great bag can tie your outfit together and add practicality to your look. Here are some ideas for bags to pair with navy blue leggings:

  • Tote Bag: A tote bag is a practical and stylish option for carrying essentials. Look for tote bags in neutral colors like black or brown, or go for a bold pop of color like red or yellow.
  • Crossbody Bag: According to New Rebels, a crossbody bag is a great option for hands-free convenience. Look for crossbody bags in different materials like leather or canvas and in different colors and patterns to add personality to your outfit.
  • Backpack: A backpack is a great option for a casual, sporty look. Look for backpacks in different colors and materials to find one that fits your style.

Tips for Styling Navy Blue Leggings

Navy blue leggings can be a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. Here are some tips for styling them:

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  • Pair them with neutral colors: If you’re looking for a versatile and timeless outfit, navy blue leggings are a great option. Pair them with neutral colors like black, white, gray, or beige to create a classic look suitable for any occasion.
  • Add a pop of color: Navy blue leggings can also be paired with brighter colors like red, pink, or yellow for a pop of color. This can add some fun and personality to your outfit.
  • Choose the right footwear: Choosing the right type of footwear can greatly affect the overall appearance of your outfit. Pair your navy blue leggings with sneakers or sandals for a casual look. To achieve a dressier look, opt for ankle boots or heels instead.
  • Mix and match patterns: Navy blue leggings can be paired with patterned tops for a fun and eclectic look. Try pairing them with a striped or floral top for a playful outfit.
  • Layer up: Layering can add depth and interest to your outfit. For example, consider layering a sweater or cardigan over your top for a cozy and stylish look.
  • Accessorize: Accessories can add a finishing touch to your outfit. Add a statement chain or scarf to your outfit for extra flair.

Remember to choose pieces that fit well and make you feel comfortable and confident. With this information, you can create a variety of stylish and versatile outfits with navy blue leggings.