Camo Leggings Outfit Ideas [12 Stunning Styles]

Let’s admit it. You’d prefer to wear something more comfortable like leggings over any pair of banal jeans for everyday wear. One that has particularly caught our interest is the camo leggings. They’re still stretchy and forgiving, especially around the waist area, only that the print is distinct.

Camo leggings, despite the initial name “camouflage”, are certainly doing the opposite in the name of fashion. Unless you’re sporting the camo print in the military, this, on the leggings, attracts onlookers. 

If you are looking for outfits to find inspiration from after you just bought your new camo pants, here is a list of 14 stunning styles for your perusal.

1. Lightweight Sweatshirt and Casual Trainers

Honestly, you will still look cushty even if you’re in casual wear. After all, if you think about throwing on a pair of camo leggings, the first initial style you’d think of is something that exudes a laid-back vibe. Why not go for it, then? A quite chilly morning would require a lightweight white sweatshirt, your camo leggings of choice, and your regular Nike shoes. Pair this outfit with a cap for a full-on sporty look!

Source: covet.on.the.go

2. Black Tunic Sweatshirt and Strapped High-Heels

What’s great about wearing leggings for the day is that mixing and matching them with your other wardrobe staples isn’t rocket science. Their figure-hugging form would make you look appealing whatever you top them with. This time, go for the basics by taking out your favorite black tunic sweatshirt and strappy heels. Minimizing the number of colors in your attire is always a safer option to avoid committing a fashion crime. Nonetheless, it won’t hurt if your top has a colorful design in its subtlest display.

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3. Leather Jacket and Stylish Matching Boots

Camo leggings are certainly cool. Wearing a pair can instantly make you feel like you’re about to embark on a highly classified and important mission nobody can accomplish but you. To achieve that matchless sensation, your camo leggings would be best paired with a black leather jacket, a plain black tank top, and high-heeled leather boots of the same shade. Now, that image will forever be associated with the word “sexy”.

Source: Confessions of a Product Junkie

4. Winter Gear and a Beanie

Believe it or not, no matter how we perceive leggings to be one of the thinnest pants there are, they can be worn during the cold. Remain stylish and ready for anything by sporting your classic camo leggings, the dark ones are more preferred. Make sure you thoroughly excavate your wardrobe for valuable fashion pieces to complete your winter wear. Who said that fashion during the winter season is boring? Definitely not you.

Source: covet.on.the.go

5. Bomber Jacket and an Inner On

This next look would be your favorite if you are into rides. Think about a hot girl driving a dashing motorcycle. Yep, this would be one of the looks you can pull off. Not only would this outfit agree with the comfort you need whilst roaming the city with your favorite big toy, but as well as keep you looking attractive and presentable should you decide to stop by some cafe for a short break. A bomber jacket and a thick inner and boots would make you look sophisticated. Keep the colors neutral or basic.

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6. Looking Clean in Any White Top

As mentioned, camo leggings are most of the time used to complete a casual ensemble. However, with proper planning, your camo pants can look good in a formal setup. First, you have to make sure that the fit is perfect. Next, throw on a loose white shirt or top that looks classy and acceptable in semi-formal to formal events– you decide. Grab your day-to-day bag and put on your nude open-toe heels with your hair fixed to complete the whole look.

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7. Loose Tank Top and Classic Denim Jacket

When you think about fashion, you have to avoid limiting yourself from the possible looks and options. Be creative if you have to as this helps in letting you discover what you want and which look suits you more. Of course, having a mirror is always a must. This time, just try putting on a white tank top or tee, put over it a denim jacket, and go for a classic nude peep-toe bootie. Be your own critic and see how awesome this whole look is! Of course, the best weapon that goes along with fashion is confidence– wear it with you always!

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8. Printed Sweatshirt Over a Tunic Inner

Thinking about just staying at home yet should remain to look ready for any emergency? Well, your camo leggings got you. I personally don’t recommend that you go for really brightly colored pairs as they can be really difficult to match with your other clothing. Anyhow, a regular printed sweatshirt over a tunic white top will give off the “I’m always on-the-go vibe”. Keep your shoes neutral if you can like going for nude, cream, white, or the like.

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9. Long Overcoat and Any Classy Top

If you live in New York, you’d easily find a lot of stylish individuals. You shouldn’t be the last on the list of fashionable personalities, more so if you are a vogue advocate. If it’s neither hot nor cold, a long neutral overcoat is a way to go. There are formal and casual-looking ones so be sure to find out what you prefer or require. A shirt dress or a top of any kind can be the missing puzzle piece here. Of course, to look taller despite the long coat, high-heeled boots would be the best pick from your shoe collection.

Source: Look and Chic

10. Muted Green Jacket and Black Crop Top

Most camouflage prints we see are in the shade of green or somewhere close to that. If you have camo leggings in a dark shade, why not match them up with garbs that match your pants’ hues? A muted forest green jacket would look awesome and sophisticated on you. Should you want to incorporate other colors, black is never out of style nor is it hard to look at with other colors. Throw on a black crop top and black shoes for this idea.

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11. Accessories Over Any White Sleeveless Tops

Another effortless look that won’t take a lot of time to assemble is the white plus pants formula. A sleeveless one is a good choice for this one, but since the top is simple as suggested, make it up by bringing out your grand jewelry. But, before you go ahead and wear every single piece you have from the jewelry box, do note that it’s a fashion faux pas to overload yourself with the bling. Keep it low-key. Once you’re done prepping yourself, you can go ahead and roam the new city in a stylish and glamorous appearance without overdoing it.

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12. Bomb in Black Blazer, Boots, and Hat

Oh, this one would require you to bring out the most of your confidence! It won’t be a problem though if you have been used to a fully-prepped outfit. Look ultra-cool and chic by matching your camo leggings with a black blazer, hat, and high-heeled boots. And wait, don’t forget your sunglasses! Let your hair down for the day but be sure that it’s neatly sprayed so the wind won’t end up making you look like a hot mess. Strut this outfit idea with poise and go head your way to your fashion meeting or whatever errand you have for the day.

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