34 Wild West-Inspired Cowgirl Hairstyles: Saddle Up Your Style

Begin an adventurous journey through the plains of style with cowgirl-inspired flair. Let your hair ride free, braids swirling like lassos and curls whispering like tumbleweeds. Embrace your inner cowgirl, fearlessly wrangling beauty with every twist and twirl in the rodeo of hairstyles.

1. Double Fishtail With Cowboy Hat Accessory

Image Credit: @styledbyclaireee

Unleash your inner frontier spirit with the Double Fishtail With Cowboy Hat Accessory. This whimsical hairstyle intertwines two fishtail braids, adding a dash of rugged charm with a miniature cowboy hat perched atop the crown.

2. Braided Ponytail With a Cowboy Hat

Image Credit: @jtouch

Equip yourself with Western flair with a Braided Ponytail With a Cowboy Hat. This iconic fusion of a sleek ponytail’s sophistication and the classic cowboy hat’s rugged charm ensures you’re always ready for any adventure, exuding effortless elegance.

3. High Ponytail With a Bandana Tied Around the Base

Image Credit: @fati_dasilva_

A High Ponytail With a Bandana Tied Around the Base adds a touch of Western charm to your look. This style incorporates a bandana tied around the base, infusing it with a playful and adventurous spirit reminiscent of the Wild West.

4. Messy Low Ponytail with Bandana Scarf

Image Credit: @gigipip

Embrace a relaxed Western aesthetic with the Messy Low Ponytail adorned with a Bandana Scarf. Effortlessly chic, this style blends the casual allure of a low ponytail with the playful charm of a bandana scarf, ideal for infusing any ensemble with a hint of frontier-inspired flair.

5. Cornrow Braids

Image Credit: @m.dsrt_

Cornrow Braids offer a timeless and versatile look. Whether worn sleek and close to the scalp or styled into intricate patterns, these braids celebrate cultural heritage while adding an element of refinement to any outfit.

6. Natural Mid-length Curly Hair with a Cowboy Hat

Image Credit: @kari____kari

For a laid-back yet stylish look, embrace your natural mid-length curly hair with a cowboy hat. This combination exudes effortless charm, blending the wild beauty of natural curls with the rugged allure of a classic Western accessory.

7. Twisted Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle

Image Credit: @jessica.gemma

The Twisted Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle perfectly combines elegance with a touch of boho chic. This versatile style features twisted sections of hair pulled back, allowing the remaining locks to flow freely, creating a polished and effortlessly stylish look.

8. Dutch Braids

Image Credit: @hairtutnet

Dutch Braids offer a bold, dynamic hairstyle with a distinct, raised braid pattern. Perfect for keeping hair neatly in place while exuding a sense of adventurous spirit, these braids are practical and stylish, making them a cowgirl favorite.

9. Fulani Braids

Image Credit: @joicerocha_trancas

Fulani Braids blend cultural heritage with modern elegance, featuring intricate patterns often adorned with beads and accessories. This style showcases beautiful craftsmanship and adds a unique and stylish touch, perfect for any cowgirl looking to make a statement.

10. Afro Puff Styled With a Bandana Headband

Image Credit: @vanderleiamp

The Afro Puff Styled With a Bandana Headband is a playful and bold look, perfect for adding a touch of cowgirl charm. This style accentuates natural volume with a high puff, while the bandana headband adds a pop of color and a Western-inspired twist.

11. Space Buns

Image Credit: @onehairstopindia

Space Buns offers a fun, youthful hairstyle that blends modern trends with playful cowgirl flair. This look features two high buns on each side of the head, perfect for a stylish and energetic vibe on an adventurous day.

12. Braided Crown

Image Credit: @rena.calhoun

The Braided Crown is a regal and enchanting hairstyle that exudes timeless elegance. By weaving braids around the head like a crown, this style creates a sophisticated and polished look, ideal for any cowgirl aiming to blend grace with frontier charm.

13. Slicked-back Low Ponytail              

Image Credit: @idanbakshi_hair

The Slicked-back Low Ponytail is a chic, sophisticated hairstyle combining modern sleekness and classic simplicity. This polished look is perfect for any cowgirl, offering practicality and elegance for a day of adventure or a night out.

14. French Braids

Image Credit: @roralovestrand

French Braids are a versatile, classic hairstyle that seamlessly blends practicality with elegance. Perfect for any cowgirl, these braids keep hair neatly in place while adding a touch of timeless charm to your look.

15. Feed-in Braids

Image Credit: @laurayabraidsdealer

Feed-in Braids provide a seamless and natural look, gradually incorporating extensions for added length and volume. This technique creates a sleek, intricate braid pattern that is stylish and durable, perfect for a cowgirl seeking a versatile and long-lasting hairstyle.

16. Side-swept Mermaid Curls

Image Credit: @makeupbyparyss

Side-swept Mermaid Curls bring a touch of oceanic elegance to your cowgirl style. With cascading waves swept to one side, this enchanting look combines the wild beauty of mermaid-inspired curls with a hint of Western charm, perfect for making a statement at any event.

17. Double Buns with Inverted Braid

Image Credit: @lumabellabeauty

Double Buns with Inverted Braid offers a playful twist to the classic space bun hairstyle. By incorporating an inverted braid along the center part, this look adds an element of intricacy and whimsy, perfect for a cowgirl seeking a fun and stylish hairdo that stands out from the crowd.

18. 70’s Queen

Image Credit: @jhair_stylist

“70’s Queen” channels the free-spirited essence of the 1970s with voluminous curls, bold accessories, and a carefree attitude. This iconic look pays homage to the era’s fashion-forward queens, blending retro vibes with modern flair for a timeless cowgirl style.

19. Bubble Ponytail

Image Credit: @jessiekass

The Bubble Ponytail offers a playful and dynamic twist to the classic ponytail hairstyle. This look adds volume and texture by sectioning the hair into multiple “bubbles” with elastic bands, creating a fun, eye-catching cowgirl style perfect for any occasion.

20. Soft Curls With a Cowboy Hat

Image Credit: @fmariniere

Soft Curls With a Cowboy Hat epitomize effortless Western charm. These gentle waves paired with the iconic hat create a relaxed and stylish look, perfect for a day on the ranch or a night out on the town.

21. Messy and Twisted Low Ponytail

Image Credit: @michaelgrayhair

The Messy and Twisted Low Ponytail offers a carefree yet chic cowgirl look. With its tousled texture and casually twisted strands, this hairstyle exudes laid-back charm, making it perfect for everyday wear and special occasions in the Wild West.

22. Sleek Low Ponytail With a Cowboy Hat 

Image Credit: @everydaysugar

Sleek Low Ponytail With a Cowboy Hat combines sophistication with Western flair. This polished hairstyle, paired with the iconic hat, exudes elegance and frontier charm, making it a timeless choice for any cowgirl looking to make a statement.

23. Wispy Bangs With a Cowboy Hat

Image Credit: @wyeth_usa

Wispy Bangs With a Cowboy Hat offers a perfect fusion of softness and edge. The delicate wisps frame the face with a touch of romance, while the cowboy hat adds a bold, adventurous twist, resulting in an effortlessly chic and character look.

24. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks showcase a fusion of bold style and cultural heritage. This timeless hairstyle exudes confidence and individuality and offers practicality and versatility, making it a beloved choice for cowgirls who embrace tradition and self-expression.

25. Side-swept Braid With a Scarf

Image Credit: @caliiforniadreamin

The Side-swept Braid With a Scarf is a charming blend of sophistication and playfulness. This style features a braided accent swept to the side and adorned with a scarf, adding a touch of whimsy and flair to any cowgirl’s ensemble, perfect for a day of adventure or a night under the stars.

26. Cascading Curls with a Cowboy Hat

Image Credit: @taldekel_makeup

Cascading Curls with a Cowboy Hat offer a timeless blend of elegance and frontier charm. With its flowing curls framing the face and the iconic cowboy hat adding a touch of rugged allure, this combination exudes a sense of effortless sophistication, perfect for any cowgirl looking to make a statement with her style.

27. Curly Wrap Ponytail

The Curly Wrap Ponytail is a versatile and chic hairstyle that blends sophistication with a bohemian flair. With its curly texture elegantly wrapped into a ponytail, this look offers a perfect balance of polished style and relaxed charm, making it ideal for any cowgirl ready to saddle up her fashion game.

28. Short and Bouncy 

Image Credit: @lydiafowler

“Short and Bouncy” captures the festive spirit of a cowgirl on the move. This hairstyle, characterized by its lively bounce and playful flair, embodies a sense of adventure and freedom, perfect for those who embrace life with enthusiasm and energy.

29. Voluminous Half-up Ponytail

Image Credit: @makeupbyparyss

The Voluminous Half-up Ponytail is a glamorous take on cowgirl chic. With its voluminous crown and cascading lengths, this hairstyle combines the best of both worlds—effortless allure and bold sophistication—for a look as striking as practical.

30. Straight Jet Black Hair

Image Credit: @saramakeup_artist

Straight Jet Black Hair exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. This classic look, characterized by sleek, glossy strands, commands attention with its simplicity and refinement, making it a versatile choice for any occasion or cowgirl’s daily adventures, whether riding the range or hitting the town.

31. Wet Look Hair

Image Credit: @lydiafowler

Wet Look Hair offers a bold and modern twist on cowgirl style. With its sleek and glossy appearance, reminiscent of a dewy morning on the prairie, this edgy hairstyle adds a contemporary flair to any ensemble, making it the perfect choice for a fashion-forward cowgirl ready to turn heads wherever she goes.

32. Top Knot

The Top Knot is a stylish and functional hairstyle combining elegance and ease. Perfect for a cowgirl on the go, this look involves gathering the hair into a high, sleek bun atop the head, offering a stylish solution that keeps hair neatly in place while exuding effortless sophistication.

33. Waterfall Braid Cascading Into Loose Curls

Image Credit: @wb_upstyles

The Waterfall Braid Cascading Into Loose Curls combines intricate beauty with romance. This enchanting hairstyle starts with a delicate waterfall braid that transitions seamlessly into soft, flowing curls, creating a look perfect for any cowgirl wanting to blend elegance with bohemian charm.

34. Low Bun With Bandana

Image Credit: @bystylefeen

The Low Bun With Bandana is a stylish and practical hairstyle blends classic elegance with a Western flair. Securing a neat low bun and wrapping a vibrant bandana around it offers a chic and effortless way to keep hair in place while adding a pop of color and personality.