Headband Outfit Ideas – Best Ways to Wear Them

When pulling off your look, the headband is one of the hair accessories that would add definition to your entire outfit. To flex and come up with your desired look, the right headband accessory is the key to pulling it off together. 

Read more details below if you opt to find inspiration about the different headband outfit ideas that best suit you.

16 Best Ways To Match Headbands With An Outfit

1. Crystal and Pearl Padded Headband

To pull off an elegant but minimalist-looking outfit, you may pair your formal attire with a Padded Crystal Headband. Typically, you can pair this headband with a white long sleeve, or you may pair it best with neutral-looking colored clothes. If you want to go to a wedding with a color motif, you can still pull off the outfit with this headband by matching it with the outfit.

If you opt for a different color instead of the neutrals, you can pair it with matte shades headband. However, do not over-mixed match the color schemes. If the theme of the event is green, find a plain green dress, and do not wear an outfit with too many colors to keep the look minimalist and classy.

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2. Top Knot Boho Twist Headband

One of the versatile headbands you can wear is the boho twist headband. It can be worn in various styles, and it can be paired with multiple outfits. You can also choose from numerous colors to match your desired look.

When wearing Boho Twist Headband, you can wear it like the traditional way of wearing a headband, but you can add more style by pulling up some hairs on the side of your face. The best way to wear it is by matching it with your hippie-style outfit.

Though Boho Twist Headband is best for a hippie outfit, you can still pair your denim-styled clothing. You may opt to find a more colorful boho twist headband and pair it with a white plain t-shirt, denim jacket with matching earrings, and sunglasses.

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3. Bow Knotted Wide Headband

The best way to wear a Bow Knotted Wide Headband is by pairing it with a minimalist-colored outfit. You can wear it with a white button-down dress or any white-colored top if you opt to wear an animal print design or floral design. A white or neutral-colored outfit would balance your headband’s colors and prints. 

Wearing a floral-designed headband is a perfect choice, for it is best when worn during summer or spring. While having a plain-colored headband can be best paired and matched with your desired colored outfit. However, in pairing a plain colored headband, you should look for outfits related to the hair accessory to come with a minimalist color combination. Too many color combinations may ruin the style. 

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4. Velvet Wide Headbands with Pearls Knot Turban Hairband

Velvet Headbands can be matched perfectly with a formal or informal outfit. You can pair it with a dress or even your street-style look. This headpiece is versatile and a wardrobe must-have.

To come up with a clean and minimalist-looking style, you can pair your headband with the same color as your outfit. Make sure that the color combinations of the two blend and match well. If you want to wear a white button-down dress or any neutral colors, a black colored velvet headband would be a great option.

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5. Leaf Wedding Headband

A dainty head accessory that you can have is the Leaf Wedding Headband. This elegant and minimalist headpiece is ideal for special events like weddings. This headband is perfect for pairing with your white gown, which will give an eye-catching combination.

If you opt to wear this in a formal gathering or celebration like prom or pageant, it is best paired with a neutral-toned gown or dress. A delicate satin gown is the best option as it will give an overall look with a classy outcome.

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6. Velvet Padded Braid Headband

You can hype it up with a colored padded velvet headband to style up your casual everyday wear. You can pair this up with a white button-down or any plain colored top or dress. This can be worn in a formal or informal affair. 

You can match this headpiece with your office look. If you are going into a baptism, birthday, or wedding, this is also ideal for matching your formal or smart casual look. Just ensure that you come up with a minimalist style; typical white and neutral-colored clothes best suit this velvet-colored headband.

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7. Synthetic Braided Hair Headband

You can style your look with a natural-looking style with a synthetic braided hair headband. You can pair this one with any colors you like or any outfit you desire since the headband gives a natural-looking aura. Moreover, this headband is an excellent option due to its versatility; it can be worn with formal or informal outfits. This is one of the best braiding hair accessories that you must have.

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8. White Faux Pearl Headband

You can style up your everyday outfit with a Pearl Headband. This head accessory is a wardrobe must-have, for it can be paired with casual, smart casual, or formal outfits. This Pearl Headband can be matched with any clothing color and style.

If you want to go with a casual look, you can pair this with a plain tank top with denim pants. If you opt for the smart casual, you can also pair this with your office outfit. Moreover, this headband can also be worn on formal occasions like weddings, proms, or baptisms.

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9. Velvet Knot Bow Turban Wide Headbands

Style up your everyday outfit and stand out with Velvet Knot Bow Turban Wide Headbands. This ribbon headband will never go out of style, and it will surely give your look a classic and minimalist style. On pairing this ribbon, find a neutral-colored outfit to best match this headpiece. This head accessory is versatile since it can be worn in both casual and formal looks.

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10. Crochet Headband

You can style your look with a crochet headband to achieve a hippie look. If you opt to wear a colorful and patterned headpiece, it would ideally pair with a hippie dress. You can also pair your plain-colored headband with an item of floral or patterned clothing. This is a versatile headband as you can have various ways to wear them. 

With this crochet headband, you will be able to pull off that modern retro look. This headpiece is suitable for daily use and can be worn in different seasons. You can wear them when you are at your house, at school, at work or even having a good day on the beach.


11. Padded Rhinestone Headband

Pairing your colored dress with a Rhinestone Headband will add to your elegant chic look. The rhinestone headdress will give a more detailed look when paired with a plain colored dress. This head accessory is good when paired with a formal-looking outfit. You may style up your look with this one when attending events like weddings, birthdays, or corporate events.

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12. Yoga Exercise Headbands

If you are into active sports and looking for a headband that is ideal for you, then a yoga headband suits you best. Though this may be the everyday head accessory for active sports or gym use, it is essential to pull the best look by matching it well. You can find a neutral and colored toned headband and pair it with your minimalist-colored gym outfit.

If you have a colored outfit, wearing a grey, black, or white headband is a nice pull-off. However, if you opt to wear a colored headband, you may wear neutral-colored activewear with an excellent color combination.

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13. Lace Headband

Be ready to go to a special occasion by wearing Lace Headband. Wearing a laced headband will never be out of style as it gives a delicate, timeless, and classy look when paired with a dress. Add this lace headband with your neutral-colored clothing to deliver a sophisticated yet elegant outfit.

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14. Wire Headbands

A perfect headpiece that will upgrade your everyday outfit is a wired headband. It can be paired with a casual or semi-casual look. It can be worn in various ways depending on your creativity and style. When paired with a fitted top and denim pants, this gives a more chic look. 

This head accessory is versatile as it can be paired with a dress, pants, skirts, and shorts. If you opt to wear the patterned headband, you may look for a plain top. However, if you have a pattern or are wearing a floral dress, you may choose a plain-colored headband that matches well with your outfit. 

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15. Faux Fur Headband

Your winter wardrobe will never be completed without a faux fur headband. This will surely pull off your sophisticated chic winter outfit. This headband will surely give a more defined look when paired with your faux fur coat, a minimalist but elegant outfit idea. 


Not only that this headband ideal for your winter look, but it also gives you protection against frost and will surely provide you with protection when going outdoors. Never let the cold ruin your style; hype your winter outfit with this faux fur headband, a definite wardrobe must-have.

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16. Boho Turban Headband

When finding an excellent headpiece for a beach vacation, you can never go wrong with adding Boho Turban Headband to your summer outfit. This is a great piece to complement your overall summer look. This head accessory is great to give you a defined island girl look or a boho-chic style. You can pair this headband with a neutral-colored, patterned, or floral design ideal for your summer outfit.

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