35 Best Holiday Makeup Styles of the Year: Chic and Cheerful

Let our faces become a joyful playground of creativity and festivity as the year ends. Dive into the most delightful and chic makeup styles lighting up this year’s celebratory season, from sparkling lids that mimic winter’s frost to lips adorned with hues as vibrant as holiday traditions.

1. Glittery Gold Eyeshadow With Winged Liner

Image Credit: @girlactik

The glittery gold eyeshadow with winged liner is a classic option that embodies the essence of festive glamour. It’s like capturing the radiance of a thousand twinkling lights and applying it to your eyes. This makeup look effortlessly illuminates your eyes, making them the star of a chic and cheerful ensemble. Try it and see how it can transform your holiday look!

2. Bold Eyeliner and Metallic Red Lips

Image Credit: @chanel.beauty

Try the Bold eyeliner and metallic red lips for a look that screams holiday glamour. This striking combination is like a festive fireworks display on your face, pairing sharp, dramatic lines with a dazzling red pout. It’s perfect for making a statement at any festive gathering, and I can’t wait to see how it looks on you!

3. Smokey Eye With Silver Glitter Accents

Image Credit: @emauta

A smokey eye with silver glitter accents adds a touch of festive sparkle to a classic makeup look. The blend of dark, smoldering shadows with shimmering silver highlights creates a mesmerizing effect ideal for holiday parties.

4. Sparkly Cranberry-toned Eyeshadow Paired With Nude Lips

Image Credit: @staceylaceymua

Sparkly cranberry-toned eyeshadow paired with nude lips offers a festive yet balanced makeup look. The vibrant, shimmering cranberry shade draws attention to the eyes, while the understated nude lips keep the overall style elegant and wearable.

5. Bold Green Eyeliner With a Touch of Shimmer

Image Credit: @petronela.ghisa

Bold green eyeliner with a shimmer brings a fresh and festive twist to holiday makeup. This vivid, eye-catching color adds a playful pop, while the subtle shimmer enhances the look with a hint of holiday sparkle.

6. Champagne Eyeshadow With a Nude Lip

Image Credit: @glamby.mari_

Champagne eyeshadow with a nude lip creates a sophisticated and timeless holiday look. The soft, shimmery champagne tones on the eyes provide a radiant glow, while the nude lip keeps the style chic.

7. Soft Peach Smokey Makeup with Jewel Accent on the Eyes

Image Credit: @carissacielomedved

Soft peach smokey makeup with a jewel accent on the eyes offers a delicate yet dazzling holiday look. The warm peach tones provide a gentle, smokey effect, while the jewel accents add a touch of sparkle and glamour.

8. Berry-stained Lips With Soft Gold Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @tominamakeup

Berry-stained lips with soft gold eyeshadow blend warmth and richness for a festive holiday look. The deep berry color on the lips contrasts beautifully with the smooth, shimmery gold on the eyes, creating a harmonious and elegant style.

9. Rose Gold Glam

Image Credit: @denitslava

Rose gold glam is the epitome of modern elegance for the holiday season. The warm pink and metallic gold hues create a radiant look that exudes sophistication and festivity.

10. Graphic Eyeliner in Festive Colors

Image Credit: @alina_does_makeup

Graphic eyeliner in festive colors brings a playful and artistic touch to holiday makeup. Vibrant lines and shapes in shades like red, green, and gold make a bold statement, perfectly capturing the season’s spirit.

11. Monochromatic Makeup

Image Credit: @thisblowsbeauty_

Monochromatic makeup offers a sleek and cohesive look for the holidays. By using a single color palette across eyes, cheeks, and lips, this style creates a harmonious and polished appearance that’s effortlessly chic.

12. Icy Blue Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @yuliagotea

Icy blue eyeshadow evokes a winter wonderland vibe, perfect for holiday festivities. The cool-toned shade brightens the eyes and adds a touch of frosty elegance to your makeup look.

13. Classic Cat-eye With Red Smokey Eyes

Image Credit: @sandrasmolarczyk

A classic cat-eye paired with red smokey eyes exudes timeless glamour with a bold twist. The sharp winged liner complements the sultry red shadows, creating a striking look perfect for festive occasions.

14. Matte Burgundy Lips

Image Credit: @mrdanielmakeup

Matte burgundy lips add a touch of sophistication and drama to holiday makeup. The rich, velvety texture of burgundy complements various eye looks, making it a versatile choice for festive gatherings.

15. Snowflake-inspired Face Paint

Image Credit: @planet_raina

Snowflake-inspired face paint brings a whimsical and festive touch to holiday makeup. Delicate snowflake patterns in shimmering silver and icy blue hues create a magical look that captures the enchantment of winter.

16. Metallic Eyeshadow

Image Credit: @antheabueno

Metallic eyeshadow lends a luminous and festive flair to holiday makeup. Whether in shades of gold, silver, or bronze, the gleaming finish adds a glimmer of glamour and elegance, perfect for celebrating the season.

17. Glitter Cut Crease

Image Credit: @alecadar

A glitter cut crease adds a bold and sparkling dimension to your holiday makeup look. The sharp, defined line of glitter along the crease creates a striking contrast, making your eyes the center of attention at any festive event.

18. Ombre Lips in Shades of Red and Pink

Image Credit: @kasiasmolinska

Ombre lips in shades of red and pink offer a romantic and festive twist to holiday makeup. Gradually blending from deep crimson to soft rose, this lip style adds dimension and allure, complementing various eye looks for a polished finish.

19. Sparkly White Eyeliner on the Upper Lash Line

Image Credit: @shari.mua

Sparkly white eyeliner on the upper lash line brings a whimsical and bright touch to holiday makeup. This sparkling detail opens the eyes and adds a festive shimmer, perfect for a playful yet elegant twist to your look.

20. Rosy Cheeks and Cat Eyeliner

Image Credit: @joshua.pestka

Rosy cheeks and cat eyeliner offer a classic and fresh holiday makeup combination. The soft, flushed cheeks add a natural glow, while the sleek cat eyeliner adds a touch of sophistication and definition to complete the look.

21. Cranberry Eyeshadow and Rose Lips

Image Credit: @poptmakeup

Cranberry eyeshadow paired with rose lips creates a harmonious and romantic holiday makeup look. The rich, warm tones of cranberry on the eyes complement the soft, rosy hue on the lips, achieving a balanced and elegant appearance.

22. Blue Sparkle Liner and Nude Lip

Image Credit: @shari.mua

Blue sparkle liner paired with a nude lip creates a modern and festive twist on classic holiday makeup. The shimmering blue liner adds a playful pop of color and sparkle to the eyes, while the nude lip keeps the overall look balanced and chic.

23. Graphic Glitter Placement Around Eyes

Image Credit: @shealeev

Graphic glitter placement around the eyes offers a bold and artistic approach to holiday makeup. Strategically applied in geometric shapes or intricate patterns, the glitter creates a dazzling and festive look that will make a statement.

24. Soft Pink Eyeshadow and Lips

Image Credit: @yolandiwilsonmua

Soft pink eyeshadow paired with lips in the same hue creates a delicate and romantic holiday makeup look. The gentle pink tones on the eyes and lips harmonize beautifully, enhancing your natural features with a soft and feminine touch.

25. Deep Wine Lip Shade

Image Credit: @glammed_by_lorraine

A deep wine lip shade adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to holiday makeup. The rich, velvety color makes a bold statement, perfect for complementing festive attire and creating a glamorous look.

26. Dewy Skin Makeup and Fluffy Brows

Image Credit: @knotyouraveragebride

Dewy skin makeup paired with fluffy brows creates a fresh and radiant holiday look. The glowing complexion enhances natural beauty, while the full, feathery brows frame the face, adding a touch of effortless chic.

27. Festive Green Eyeshadow With a Touch of Sparkle

Image Credit: @pidlitok

Festive green eyeshadow with sparkle brings a vibrant and cheerful element to holiday makeup. The rich green shade, enhanced with a hint of shimmer, creates a lively, eye-catching look perfect for celebrating the season.

28. Winged Liner With Glitter Accent

Image Credit: @zulfiyyeahmedova_

The Winged liner with a glitter accent adds a glamorous twist to the classic cat-eye look. The sharp, defined wing is elevated by sparkle, making it perfect for festive holiday celebrations.

29. Crystal Embellishments and Faux Freckles 

Crystal embellishments and faux freckles add a whimsical and enchanting touch to holiday makeup. The delicate crystals create a sparkling, festive look, while the faux freckles provide a playful and youthful charm.

30. Bold Brows and Red Lips

Image Credit: @ketty_arama

Bold brows and red lips create a timeless and striking holiday makeup look. The defined, full brows frame the face beautifully, while the classic red lips add a pop of color and elegance.

31. Blue Eyeliner Paired With Glossy Lips

Blue eyeliner paired with glossy lips offers a fresh and modern twist on holiday makeup. The vibrant blue accentuates the eyes, while the glossy lips add shine and sophistication, creating a balanced, eye-catching look.

32. Dark Smokey Eye With Silver Glitter Accents

Image Credit: @ilonavincho

A dark smokey eye with silver glitter accents combines drama and sparkle for a stunning holiday look. The deep, sultry shadows are enhanced with shimmering silver, creating an alluring and festive effect perfect for evening celebrations.

33. Soft Halo Eye With Rose Gold Shimmer

Image Credit: @bygildaa

A soft halo eye with rose gold shimmer offers a dreamy, romantic holiday makeup look. The gradient effect of the halo eye is beautifully complemented by the warm, luminous rose gold, adding elegance and sparkle to the eyes.

34. Glitter Gradient Lips in Shades of Pink

Image Credit: @retouchingpanels

Glitter gradient lips in shades of pink create a dazzling and playful holiday look. The seamless transition from light to dark pink, infused with glitter, adds dimension and a festive sparkle to your smile.

35. Feathery Lashes With a Natural Makeup Look

Image Credit: @mstarmakeupartist

Feathery lashes and a natural makeup look offer a subtle yet captivating holiday style. The long, fluttery lashes enhance your eyes, while the minimalist makeup keeps the overall appearance fresh and effortlessly chic.