22 Perfect Star War Gifts For Him To Feel The Force

Ever wondered what’s the best possible gifts to give him from a galaxy far far away? Worry no more, we have made a list of the best star wars gifts any star wars fan could actually get! So if you’d ever need to look for gifts to give, come on over and read through our list so the force would be with you while you choose!

1. Pair of millennium falcon cuff links!

millennium falcon cuff

These cool millennium falcon cuff links are sure to be the perfect addition to any formal clothing. Adorn your wrists accordingly, and let its sleek design wow everyone that sees it. Anyone who gets this is sure to love it, all they need now is a partner like Chewbacca. It’s made from premium stainless steel with all the insignia and the falcon professionally pressed just for the glory of your cuffs in this galaxy!

2. Retro Star Wars planets travel poster!


Show your love to your man that loves star wars, and give them this unique gift that would make any room dashingly pretty! It’s something straight out of a cross between the 80s and the future, making it an apt star wars referential poster! The colors were designed well enough to pop, and you can see every reference of the planet in this full sized poster! It doesn’t matter which side of the force you are, as long as this gift would make you feel like the galaxy from far away is nearer than you think!

3. Set of Star Wars planet designed coasters!


Just look at these coasters! It comes from one of the most reliable Etsy sellers, and it makes good use of the planets and turned them into everyday household items! Just by looking at it you’d know there’s a lot of effort into the designs and ideas that were used. It’s made from recyclable material but is currently made to look it’s best as it’s pressed with the most recognizable Star Wars planets!

4. 3D LED empire night light!

LED empire night light

Every stormtrooper would love this in their room, or maybe your man wants it too. It’s everyone’s favorite villain in the comfort of a gift that includes several lighting options. If you feel like your boss is Darth Vader, then this Star Wars gift is perfect for you! Not only is the design cool, but you’d also immediately feel the power of the force emanating from your desk or the side of your bed!

5. Personalized Star Wars leather magnetic money clip wallets!


Make Darth Vader and the Death Star proud with these leather magnetic money clips that are personalized to your liking! Whichever side you may be on, you can have it customized the way you want it to! Feel free to add an x wing there, or maybe even have the faces of Yoda, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, or even the falcon on it! It’s made from pure leather so you know it’d last, not to mention the fact that it does hold a lot of money and cards for such a simple magnetic clip!

6. R2 D2 USB LED night light!

LED night light

This may have been the droid the stormtrooper was looking for! Your favorite rebel robot is now a night light you can take home, and it easily makes use of the ton of LED color that it includes! It’s the perfect cool star wars gift for any star wars fan, as having this around would easily tell the dark side to not mess with you! Give it to someone you love and see how your man lights up like it!

7. The Galaxy’s Edge official cookbook!


All your favorite meals from the Galaxy’s Edge can now be accessed through this cookbook. Give your man his favorite munchies that easily take all their stress away, and watch how he would go through these awesome and delectable delights. It’s definitely a unique gift to give, and it’s no doubt that all the meals prepared from it would make even Han Solo or Boba Fett’s mouth water.

8. Han and Falcon Funko Pop!

Funko Pop

The most iconic spaceship in the star wars universe is now for you to avail, with it’s captain even on board as a bonus! We know you want this, so it’s time to add it to your cart and get it for yourself! If this is not your favorite Han Solo and Chewbacca thing, then I don’t know what is. It’s design is way on point, which easily makes it the true show stealer here.

9. Holiday themed inflatable AT AT!

inflatable AT AT

The dark side ‘s favorite weapon against the alliance, now in your hands as a perfect star wars gift for the perfect star wars fan! No jedi or lightsaber can get through this AT AT’s holiday spirit, making it easily one of the cutest items we have seen to date. It’s 8 feet wide and tall, and it self-inflates and lights up when you plug it in. Truly the most convenient and coolest way to spend the holidays in this galaxy!

10. Death Star night light!

night light

This death star night light is sure to make darth vader proud! That’s definitely no moon, but it’s everyone’s favorite planet-sized army base straight from the dark. It’s cool design is sure to give you light in your darkest nights, not to mention the fact that it sports an awesome look like more of our items. A lot of ideas for using this comes from this new version of the night light!

11. Holiday-Themed inflatable droid set – up!

Airblown Inflatable

Set this in your yard and watch how everyone’s faces light up when they see it! Star wars fans would rejoice if they see this in a backyard, easily making it one of the best star wars gifts made exactly for the star wars fans! Even Chewbacca nor Darth Vader definitely approve! It’s self inflating and it lights up on it’s own, easily making your backyard the coolest in the subdivision!


12. R2 D2 USB car charger!

USB car charger!

Your new favorite car charger in the package of probably one of the best possible star wars gifts to date! This time, you don’t need to problematize in your life how you’d charge inside your car, as this droid has got your back! It includes several ports, not to mention the fact that it’s awesome enough to do you good inside the car while also charging your devices!

13. Star Wars Darth Vader lightsaber night light!

lightsaber night light

It’s time to set your eyes upon the best night light you’d ever see! This perfect gift should be a quick add to your cart because it’s definitely something anyone will use a lot. Let the power of the force come to life inside your room and let this star wars lightsaber glow for your protection! It glows red beautifully and it’s length was carefully replicated from the films.

14. Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren minifigure!


Set your eyes upon this minifigure that will easily make any stormtrooper cower. Get this now and add it to your cart, this definitely won’t last long in being sold! As far as star wars gifts can go, this is probably the cutest one. It’d actually be better if you can get a Star Wars Darth Vader minifigure to come with it too! Star Wars fans can tell that this figure is a fast selling Lego piece with intricate detailing, interchangeable faces, and a good cape. That’s a sure steal right there!

15. Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s The Child in Hovering Pram ornament!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian's The Child in Hovering Pram ornament!

Add this to your cart now so you can get it in time for the holiday’s and you can easily set it up in your tree! Every jedi will be happy to see this, and no lightsaber ornament will be able to beat this on the tree. It’s a great compliment for any family looking for something quirky on their tree, especially that there’s so much work that was put in detailing this piece to make it your tree’s star!

16. Complete deck of Star Wars-themed playing cards!

playing cards

Your favorite card games can now be played with this great deck that anyone will love as a star wars gift! Be the envy of Darth Vader and Yoda as you flex them this cool set of cards that may let you feel the force residing in your life. Every card has Star Wars characters and references to the last detail, so it’s pretty impossible not to love!

17. Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks!

lightsaber chopsticks

Make your meals less bland and boring by having these great jedi weapons assist you in every meal! The package even comes with han solo’s space ship as a bottle opener, so how can you say no to that? Yoda and all the other jedi ‘s will be proud of you if you add this to your cart now. It even lights up to make it cool and more convenient to eat in the dark!

18. Pair of smuggler dice!


Stormtrooper beware, this pair of smuggler dice tell a lot to whether you should mess with a person or not. It’s a set piece way ahead of it’s time that easily indicates you’re in the presence of your favorite bounty hunter ever. Awesome as it may look, time will only tell how this die cast smuggler dice will work its charm. Add it to your cart now so you won’t regret it tomorrow!

19. BB-8 spice shaker!

8 spice shaker

Will anyone be actually able to resist a the star wars gifts of all star wars gifts? Heck, this will easily give Darth Vader a run for his money! The detail on this one is incredible, and it can surely pack a ton of spices. Pairing it up with R2 D2 to set it up on the table, this BB-8 spice shaker can hold in any spice you want in it. Or maybe, you can also hide in it other types of gifts such as the plans to make a third evil space station.

20. Jabba the Hut ceramic mug!

ceramic mug

Made from ceramic, this Jabba the Hut gets the closest likeness to his eminence, making it a good add to any cart for gifts. He cannot be easily overseen as a favorite, as freezing people in carbonite is definitely as awesome as it gets. Let Jabba help you with hot beverages and maybe you can conquer the galaxy a day after.

21. Set of Star Wars tiki tumblers!

tiki tumblers

Wouldn’t it be just fun to see the tiki versions of your favorite Star Wars characters? Well now, you can drink straight from them! These bad boys can hold up to 21 ounces of your favorite drink. They’re easy to hold, easy to fill, and super cool to use. Just imagine sipping some pina coladas through this while running through a marathon of the new trilogy!

22. Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker!

Bluetooth speaker!

No one can resist Baby Yoda, especially when he’s in the form of a Bluetooth speaker that can pack a punch! Despite only being 2 inches big, this little baby can deliver crisp trebles and booming bass just the way you want it to. The charge can go for as long as 4 hours straight, and it comes with a strap so you can hang it on you or your bags! To make things even better, you can actually connect it to another speaker of the same kind for a full stereo experience! Neat!