Gift for Mom Who Has Everything

You’d be surprised to find out that it’s quite hard to think of the perfect gift for your mom. But here you are, still browsing through the net to make your mom happy, who claims to have everything, that gift she’ll love.

Of course, all moms are different! So, below we’ll give you the best gift ideas you’ve never seen before:

1. Personalized Pillow

Pillow,Mother's Day Gift,Birthday Gift

You can customize this cute pillowcase to have your family’s last name on it, along with her frenemies, namely her children! This way, she can express how proud she is of her family even when she’s just sitting at home. The pillow fill is made of polyester–non-allergenic, soft, and firm. This case from Etsy is also removable and washable, making it one of the best gifts out there.

2. Personalized Wine Board

Personalized Wine Board

If your mom loves having family and friends at home, give her this one of a kind wine board from Etsy shop. It’s made from bamboo and finished with food-grade mineral oil and beeswax. To make this gift even special, you can have your family name or her name engraved on it. Instead of bringing her a bottle of wine, treat her instead to a monthly wine subscription box.

3. Personalized Wall Art

Personalized Wall Art

This isn’t the most original gift idea out of all the gift ideas out there. But if your loving mom loves every kind of art, then get her this portrait from this Etsy shop this coming Mother’s day. She’ll love how this Etsy shop captures even the slightest details. Of course, you have the chance to personalize the portraits by adding quotes, etc.

4. Custom Mom’s Robe

Custom Mom's Robe

A robe is one of those best gift ideas. But it should not be just any robe. This robe from Etsy with magnificent satin lace trim and floral design can be personalized so that your mom’s title (e.g., Mrs. Smith or simply Mom) is included on its back. It’s also gift-ready because it comes in a beautiful package. This may turn out to be your mom’s favorite gift yet.

5. Necklace with Kids’ Names

Necklace with Kids' Names

Her children are mom’s favorite people above everything and everyone in the world. This is true even when sometimes there are conflicts between them. Thus, your mom will love this piece. Have this necklace personalized for your mom by providing the Etsy shop with you and your sibling’s names. What that it is also stylish and timeless.

6. Aromatherapy Gift Set

Aromatherapy Gift Set

This set is worth the try since it has a five-star rating and more than 12 000 sales on the Etsy shop. The set contains three 10-ml roller bottles: Get Going Blend, Headache Eraser, and Clear the Mind. The roller bottles are small enough; thus can be easily carried when your mom suddenly has a migraine attack or wants relief from stress or clear her mind.


7. For the First Time Mom

First Milestones Wine

Give the mom-to-be a reason to celebrate by giving her favorite six bottles of wine and sticking these wine labels from the Etsy shop on those bottles. These labels allow the first time mom to celebrate the six significant events in her first year as a mother. These events include: First Full Night of Rest, First Public Temper Tantrum, First Parent Date Night, First Mommy Meltdown, First Ladies Night, and First Time Baby Is On the Move.

8. Because Mom Deserves Utmost Comfort

Book Socks

This gift for mom is perfect for the mom who spent all day cooking and cleaning for the family, and taking care of the kids and wants to spend the night with her books. Purchase for her this set of socks with funny messages. You can also customize said messages (Tip: Put an inside joke you both shared in the past). The buttery soft socks come in five different colors.

9. For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

Instead of a classic cutting board, why not shop this meat thermometer for her. This thermometer with a 3.9-inch probe can read the meat’s temperature instantly. Your mom can rotate it, so it’s safer to use. No more burnt fingers! For a change, prepare a nice meal composed of her favorites or help her out in the kitchen before you give this lovely gift to her.

10. Baby’s Keepsake Box

Present Newborn Keepsake Gift

This one’s for the new mom who wants to treasure every first her child will have. The gift box contains various drawers with different sizes and labels (e.g., First shoes, first tooth, and more). There’s also space for the child’s artworks, photos, and many more! This gift is perfect for a new mom who isn’t into arts and crafts much but would still want to give her child something to treasure someday.

11. For Mom Who Is Always On-the-Go

Women's Slipper

If you can’t stop your mom from bustling around the house, I guess the least you can do is to get her a pair of these incredibly comfortable slippers from Amazon. Maybe when she felt how comfortably soft these slippers are, she’ll finally sit down with you and rest. Or not.

12. For Your Mom’s Good Night Sleep

Sleep Mask

Your mom usually has those hectic days. To help her sleep better every day despite her swarming thoughts, get her this sleep mask from Amazon. The mask is adjustable, which is a useful feature when she’s tossing and turning. It’s also lightweight-she may even forget she’s wearing a mask. And lastly, it will allow your mom to sleep comfortably in any position.

13. Shoulder Bag with Matching Wallet

Shoulder Bag with Matching Wallet

This bag is for the mom who claims to have everything but doesn’t have a shoulder bag. This two-tone tote bag has enough room for mom’s favorite things. It’s great for when she’s in the mood for shopping, attending a formal event, or just running errands. It also has a fashionable matching wallet. Wrap these two in a lovely gift box, and you’re all set!

14. For Your Artsy Mother

Coffee? Check. Robe? Check. Now, support your mom with her passion by getting her this Acrylic Paint Set/Gift Box from Amazon. These acrylic paints are artist quality. Meaning, they have higher pigment concentration, smoother, and will not fade quickly–just like your love for her. The set contains 18 paint bottles of varying colors.

15. Pamper Her

Spa Gifts for Women

Show your love for your mother by easing her stress through this spa gift set. This way, she’ll be required to work on her self care needs. If you’re out of budget, this one’s already a perfect gift. You’ll get additional bonus points if she’s also in love with the lavender scent.

16. For Your Mom Who Is Also a Fur Mom

Custom Pet Pillow

This pillow is for the mom who also loves her pets above everything else. Getting her needs is sweet and all, but she’ll appreciate you, even more when you get her this customizable pet pillow. Send her pet’s picture to this Etsy shop, and they’ll turn it into a pillow she’ll love.

17. Essential Oil Diffusing Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is for the mom who needs help winding down before bed and getting up every morning. This essential oil diffusing alarm clock will allow your mom to sleep and wake up with her favorite scent in the air. Through time, she’ll associate her chosen scents with these two. Thus, making it easier for her to do both.

18. Bathtub Caddy Tray

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

This caddy tray is for the mom who claims to have everything but hasn’t discovered this treasure yet. This bathtub caddy tray will make your Mother feel the ultimate form of relaxation. Prep her a bubble bath and serve her with wine, snack, and her favorite book on this tray. Or you can play her favorite song.

19. Wooden Recipe Binder

Wooden Recipe Binder

Immortalized your mom’s very own recipes and put those in this handmade wooden recipe binder. Because your mom’s recipes are all special and deserve to be treated as such, you have to get this personalized binder. Have her name engraved on the cover to make it even more special.

20. Smartwatch for Your Smart Mom

Touchscreen Smartwatch

Amaze your mom with this smartwatch that can do more than just tell the exact time. This smartwatch functions as a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer, and GPS. The rose gold hue will also make her look chic and lovely…well lovelier.

21. Make Her Mornings Greater

Black Gold Dark Roast Coffee

If you want a gift to help her mornings brighter and more fabulous, then coffee’s the answer. Of course, this is only the case if coffee’s her chosen fuel–strong black coffee at that. The Folger Coffee Co makes this coffee from Amazon, and people are raving about its smoothness despite it being black. It’s also less acidic and comes with a tinge of sweet dark cocoa.

22. Reusable Straw

Reusable Metal Stainless Steel Straws

This reusable straw is for the mom who’s not only concerned with her family’s welfare but of the environment as well. We found her these reusable metal straws of varying lengths. Perfect for when she’s sipping smoothies, iced coffee, or cocktail. The set also comes with a bag and cleaning tools. Some of the straws are bent, and others are straight.

23. For the Mom Who Is Snap-py in a Good Way

Fujifilm Instax Mini Set

If she’s more into photography than painting, gift her this Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 from Amazon. This Instax Mini 9 is easy to operate. It is also not overloaded with features and accessories, making it perfect for the mom who’s new to the medium. The Instax mini kit also contains 40 Instax films and a case with a removable strap.

24. Make It Easier for Her

Hand Held Portable Travel Garment Steamer

She’ll adore this handheld steamer if she’s always stressed out dealing with disheveled clothes. Make your mom’s life slightly more manageable when you shop for a handheld steamer for her. The steamer is so easy to use and works wonders on any material. She can also use it when she’s traveling since it’ll take up little space in her luggage.

25. Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charger

For the techy mom, who has a lot of devices that need charging. This charging pad from Amazon supports iWatch, iPhone, and AirPods. Thus, your mom can drop all these devices on this pad while she does some chores around the house. It’s also easy to set up and very convenient.

26. For the Mom Who Wants to Try Alexa

Charcoal with Sengled Bluetooth bulb

Yes, you have to teach her how this new smart speaker works. And yes, it’ll take some time. But imagine her amazement when she finds out that Echo (aka Alexa) can read her an audiobook, order wine for her, and many other tasks while she’s at home. It’s worth the price and effort. This is one of the gifts you can shop for her on her birth month.

27. Bamboo Tea Box

Tea Storage Chest Box

If you find your mom always ransacking the cupboard looking for that one blend of tea she wants for the day, then maybe it’s time that you purchased this bamboo tea box. A tea box helps her organize her precious blends of tea. This way, she can quickly find what she wants when she wants it. Besides, you can also purchase her a monthly green tea subscription.

28. Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves

Moisturizing Gel Heel Sleeves

Aging comes with body pains, especially the feet area. Your mom, especially, may feel this if she’s always on the move. To give her comfort, get her these moisturizing gel heel sleeves from Amazon. Aside from minimizing pain, it can also soften skin and remove calluses. I’m sure when she hears its benefits, she’d like to try it. With over 3 000 ratings on Amazon, it’s definitely worth the try.

29. For the Plant Mom Who Wants to Try Hydroponic

Smart Garden Planter for Home Kitchen

If she’s a plant mom but has a relatively small outdoor space, I’m guessing she’ll love this hydroponic kit from Amazon. A hydroponic system will allow her to grow various plants–greens, root crops, herbs, fruits, and even flowers. Several plant moms tried this, and they say this one of the best kits, so I’m guessing she’ll love this as well.

30. Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry holder

She never has to worry about her disorganized jewelry collection ever again because of this wall-mounted jewelry organizer from Amazon. This wooden jewelry organizer can hold your Mother’s treasures–necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories. The organizer also has hooks, so your mom doesn’t have to deal with twisted and tangled jewelry.

31. Engraved Rolling Pin

pattern Rolling Pin SET

Rolling pins helps your mom create those sweet and savory cookies, other pastries, and many other things. And if she has a standard rolling pin, that would do the job, right? But when she loves to bake for other people, especially kids, then she’ll absolutely love this embossed rolling pin in her collection. With this, she can make her pastries have a lovely finish even without frosting.

32. Small Artificial Potted Plants

Small Artificial Succulent Plants

There are lots of reasons why your mom would need these artificial potted plants. First, they look good on kitchen counters or office space. These “plants” also thrive in places that have no sunlight or homes with kids or pets. They also don’t require care. And lastly, they add a soothing effect. Now, get her these artificial succulents.

33. Leather Desk Mat

Leather Desk Pad Protector

Each time she opens her desktop and sees this desk mat, she’ll feel like the most loved mom in the world. Aside from a reminder that you love her, this classic leather desk mat will allow her to write comfortably. This will also protect her laptop or desktop from unwanted scratches.

34. Map Art

Map Wall Art

Remind her of how attentive you are to the little things she loves. This laser engraved art from this Etsy shop is a timeless wall art suitable for your mom’s office or home. Pick a place that holds a special place in her heart, and this shop will turn it into beautiful art. Pen her a sweet note to accompany this gift.

35. Personalized Bar Necklace

Bar Necklace

Purchase her something she can proudly show off to her friends by having her name engraved on this delicate and minimalist bar necklace. This one’s available in rose gold, silver, and gold. Instead of her name, you can also have a date or something else engraved on it.

36. Floating Shelf with Leather Straps

Hanging Shelf Wall Wood Floating Storage

Shop for her this floating shelf with leather straps the next time she decides to renovate. She’ll love the minimalist effect this shelf gives. You can also share this with her if she’s running out of room for her newly bought books. You’ll get bonus points if you help her to put this up.

37. Century Wood Plant Stand

Plant Stand Mid Century Wood Flower Pot Holder

If mom wants to display her indoor plants in style, putting her plant in these stands will do the job. A sturdy plant stands such as this one will help your mom’s office or home brighten up instantly. It also has this modern look. Plus, it’s also easy to put together.

38. Facial Spray

Facial Spray

If your Mother is missing her skincare appointments, tell her she can still look fabulous with Mario Badescu facial spray. This facial spray infused with herbs, aloe, and rosewater will keep your Mother’s skin nice and hydrated even during the summer. If her skin’s oiliness is her major problem, then you have to get this for her.

39. Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric Face Mask

Upgrade her morning routine with this turmeric face mask. If you haven’t heard about the benefits, this mask can bring to your skin. Let me enumerate some of them: it can reduce acne, brighten skin, boosts blood circulation, and removes toxin. So, get ready to see the change in your mom’s face when you get her this.


40. Cracked Skin Remover

Professional Pedicure Rasp Foot

With over 5000 ratings on Amazon, this cracked skin remover will indeed make your mom happy. Have her feet soaked in water for ten minutes, or have her take a bath, use the big rasp on her feet, then have her apply some lotion afterward. She’ll soon discover that this is better than getting her feet rasped every time she pays for a pedicure.

41. Butter Dish

Butter Dish

With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, this butter dish is clearly a crowd favorite. This butter dish has a clear lid, making it easier to monitor how much butter she has. The dish also has stoppers on the sides. Meaning, when she sliced the butter, it would not slip. This one’s pretty basic, but if this can make her life more comfortable, then it’s worth it.

42. Monthly and Daily Life Planner

Legend Planner

planner will give your mom more time for herself and freedom. Why? Because it’ll help her stay organized and keep track of her daily, monthly, or yearly goals. You can buy two for the both of you then compare goals. This will also help her plan trips and vacations with ease.

43. Embroidery Kit

Stitch Sampler Beginner Embroidery design

For the mom who wants to try her hand at embroidery, this lovely kit from this Etsy shop offers an easy way for her to learn. The kit comes with easy instructions. Once she’s done with the tasks from the kit, she’ll be able to learn 14 basic embroidery stitches. To accompany her journey, you can also shop for this starter kit with hoops from Amazon.

44. Wooden Lamp

Table Lamp

wooden lamp is eco-friendly and best for a mom who’s always lecturing the family about the environment. This table lamp with a tripod stand will look good in your mom’s bedroom, living room, or even office. It’s sturdy and has a modern and Scandinavian look. Its switch is on the cord, which means she doesn’t have to reach when she needs to switch it on or off.

45. Boss Lady Desk Sign

Boss Lady

Purchase the boss lady of your life this boss lady desk sign. It’s made from sturdy material, so it’s a little heavy. Your mom probably doesn’t need it, but it sure is worth buying for the laugh you’ll both share. It sure is perfect as a display on her desk.  If you’re on a budget, this is one of the gifts you can procure for her. Shop for this sign on Amazon.

46. For the Mom Who Is a Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter Crochet

Let your mom have this Harry Potter Crochet kit so that she may do her magic and breathe life to Harry Potter and Dobby as dolls. The patterns are brilliant and come with easy enough instructions, according to the Amazon reviewers. However, this one’s not for someone who is just starting to learn how to crochet.

47. Gold Plated Metal Bookmark

Plated Metal Bookmark

Delicate things require delicate hands. For the mom who loves to read and has dainty hands, a gold-plated leaf bookmark is suitable. The bookmark is lightweight, sturdy, and great in color. And lastly, it is beautiful. Shop for this bookmark on Amazon.