23 Brilliant Gift Ideas That Every Knitter Needs

Gone are the stereotypes that knitting is only for grandmas. In fact, people of all ages take pleasure in this crafty hobby. So, if you have a person in your life that enjoys knitting or perhaps it’s you who has developed a newfound appreciation for it, here are some cool gifts for the knitters in your life.

1. Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag

For those who like keeping their tools and craft items organized, this will be one of the best gifts to give. The BeCraftee bag is small enough to carry around for convenience but also big enough to fit up to 10 skeins of yarn. The bag exterior has several pockets where other items such as scissors, needles, and accessories can be stored. Made from superior quality linen, this bag retains its shape without slumping.

2. LED Knitting Needles

LED Knitting Needles

A solid item especially when you need more light to knit. These colorfully designed needles from Yarn Living have safe to touch tips to prevent accidental touch, especially if you have kids around. The needles are battery operated with an easy on and off switch. A pouch is included to make sure that everything is neatly tucked away when you’re not using them.

3. Adorable Cat Stitch Markers

Adorable Cat Stitch Markers

These cute cat stitch markers are hard to miss. While knitting, stitch markers are usually placed in spots where something important needs to be done. They are individually designed enamel cat markers that come in either a round or lobster clasp. Without fail, these tiny novelty markers will surely put a smile on any knitter’s face.

4. Knitter Charm Bracelet

Knitter Charm Bracelet

Make them happy with this charm bracelet for knitters. It’s constructed from stainless steel you’re sure that it’ll last them a long time. What’s great about these knitting accessories is you can personalize it even more by adding a gemstone charm according to the birthday of the recipient. They also include a charm that says mother, sister, grandma, aunt, niece, or friend.

5. Arthritis Gloves

These multipurpose gloves are not only for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, you can also use this while knitting to prevent hand strain. The open finger design makes sure that you can carry on with your daily tasks like typing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Get this for them or for yourself to give fingers much-needed relief.

6. Bendable Neck Light

Bendable Neck Light

Ledpower’s bendable and rechargeable neck lamp can help you see clearly while knitting. Each arm has two LEDs that come in six levels of brightness. It’s also lightweight so no worries about possibly straining your neck. A great eye care product especially for those who like reading, knitting, sewing, and doing other craft activities.

7. Beginner’s Knitting Book

This is a handy book for people who have just started knitting or probably someone who is thinking of trying it. First Time Knitting is packed with instructional guides and information to prepare readers from their first attempt and eventually help them become confident knitters. There are nine projects at the end of each chapter to help develop their newly acquired skills.

8. Personalized Labels


For that person who is planning to make their knitting hobby a small business, these tags will add some personal touch. Their delicate label pieces are created using faux leather. You can also choose from three different fonts when deciding what to engrave on the label.

9. Yarn Bowl

Yarn Bowl

To avoid yarns from rolling away and tangling, this bamboo holder is every knitter’s sidekick. This box holder by Bamboo MN Store comes with a lid to ensure that the yarn is kept clean and doesn’t roll away as you knit. Made from 100% bamboo, the boxes come in different wood colors.

10. Japanese Knitting Book

Ideal for experienced knitters or anyone who wants to up their knit game. This book written by Hitomi Nishida explores 260 different knitting patterns. It’s packed with various intricate designs and step-by-step diagrams to show how to achieve out of the ordinary, spectacularly designed stitches.

11. Stitch Counter

Stitch Counter

Some people lose track of their rows and stitches especially if they’re also doing other things like knitting. This small Clover knitting stitch counter is a useful tool to keep track of rows and stitches so they don’t end up ruining the design. This little device is every knitter’s best friend.

12. Knitting Quotes Pencils

Knitting Quotes Pencils

Knitters should have a notebook and a pencil on hand to draw their knitting patterns and we found the perfect pencils for them. These funny knitting pencil sets can surely put a smile on anyone’s face, knitters, or not. The pencil sets come in different colors and are individually pressed with black foil. It’s a great stocking filler or just a brilliant stationery gift to anyone who loves knitting and appreciates some good humor.

13. Christmas Knitting Ornament

Christmas Knitting Ornament

A special all-year-round gift for knitters and non-knitters. This cute and festive gift ball of yarn ornament will surely be treasured and hung on the tree every holiday season. This miniature ball ornament is handmade and arrives in a gift box, ready to be given. It’s a cute and personal little token and one that will surely be appreciated.

14. Vintage Design Scissors


These vintage-inspired scissors will be a great addition to any crafter’s tool kit. Made from stainless steel, these scissors are proven durable. The intricately designed handle is made from zinc alloy and is comfortable to grasp. This will make a nice and unique gift to anyone who likes sewing, knitting, or making do-it-yourself projects. A lovely gift for knitters of stocking stuffers.

15. Starter Knitting Kit

Starter Knitting Kit

In case the knitter in your life wants to try something a little different but still familiar, this crochet kit by BeCraftee is a marvelous gift idea. Everything that they’ll need to start is packed in a cute little organizer. It comes with 31 tools ready to use at any given time they feel inspired.

16. Kids Weaving Kit

Kids Weaving Kit

A smart gift to knitters who have kids that want to join in the fun. This weaving kit by Melissa and Doug is a great way to introduce the hobby to kids. Not only is this a collaborative, family activity. It can also help a child’s concentration and hand-eye coordination. The kit comes with an adjustable wooden loom, oversized wooden needle, and four craft projects to choose from. This kid-friendly kit is perfect for children ages six and above.

17. Craft Organizer

Craft Organizer

A simple and efficient organizer to store all the materials used for crafting. This craft organizer can conveniently be looped in a standard size closet rod. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of space. It has six cubicles that are big enough to store yarns and other textiles while the side pockets make room for other tools such as needle rods, scissors, patterns, and other small items.

18. Funny Knitting Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Is this even a gift guide list if there are no mugs? This nice large mug comes with an attitude and a perfect gift to anyone who is so immersed with knitting. This funny statement mug uses high-quality sublimation printing and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

19. Knitting Inspired T-Shirt


There’s always room in the gift department for funny statement knitting t-shirts. For anyone who is always busy knitting and doesn’t like getting disturbed, this shirt will send the message right across. BooTees use 100% ringspun cotton shirts and inks that are resistant to peeling and fading.

20. On-The-Go Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag

For the knitter who doesn’t like sitting in one place. This small and convenient storage bag that serves as a purse that can be hung on the wrist. It’s a great bag to carry around if you want to knit while you’re in a park or while sitting inside a car waiting for your kids to come out of school. Perfect for the busy knitters who like to multitask.

21. Personalized Ball of Wool Coasters

Ball of Wool Coasters

Now, these aren’t exactly made of wool. These hardboard coasters are made from wood and plastic. The shop  can also personalize the color of the coaster as well as include a name if the buyer prefers. It’s a great housewarming gift that’ll add some personal touch to anyone’s home.

22. Retractable Alpaca Tape Measure

Retractable Alpaca Tape Measure

You’ll be able to make a statement with these alpaca designed retractable tape measure. This is a cute and fun tool that will surely find permanent residence in any knitter’s tool kit. The cute prints are laser printed to make sure that they won’t chip or fade.

23. Knitting Caddy

Knitting Caddy

This knitting and sewing caddy by ArtBin is great to place near the spot where there’s always some knitting action going on. Designed from durable poly canvas material, the caddy also features a flap where you can store hooks and needles. Perfect for those who like knitting on the chair and prefer to have their supplies nearby.