Ideas to Store Scarves: 15 Creative Ways to Organize

For countless people, scarves are their way of adding more vibrancy or sense of professionalism to their style of clothing. Whether it is winter or not, a scarf is undeniably a go-to fashion choice making it one of the wardrobe essentials that can be found in a lady’s wardrobe.

Its purpose includes adding warmth, aiding an outfit to pop even more, or encouraging a wearer to show off her mood or taste. Pretty sure, most of us own loads of scarves, and admittingly, storing them in an organized manner can give us quite a headache.

It does not matter if you have 10 or 50 scarves at your disposal. The goal here is to keep them neatly stored so the next time you have to prepare for an event, picking the right scarf accessory will be convenient.

1. Repurpose Your Shoe Cubbies

Shoe cubbies are more versatile than we think. In fact, it is quite an unfitting name for this particular organizer as this can store several things. The small space for every pair of shoes can perfectly accommodate every scarf you own.

The way the scarf is placed in this flexible organizer all depends on what you prefer, especially when we talk about aesthetics and motivation to be meticulous in the folding details.

You can either roll the scarf piece by piece and stack them in a pyramid style in every cubby or simply resort to the easiest, most favorable way of folding them in squares or rectangles.

2. Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are another suitable spot for storing scarves. Most of them have compartments that can be adjusted according to the sizes you need. With several dividers inside, you can definitely store most if not all of the scarves you own.

To avoid the undesirable wrinkles in this versatile accessory, fold the scarf lengthwise so its width does not go overboard in contrast to the height of the compartments. Then, carefully place the loosely rolled scarves in a single drawer space.

Do the same for the rest, unless you have other ideas in mind. You can absolutely organize the scarves more by assigning a row or column for silk scarves, then another for knitted scarves, and so on.

3. Hang Them in Rods

A clothing rod is not only meant to be used for clothes. If your wardrobe is currently full, install a durable piece of rod in your wall or door and hang your scarves there in a fashion you are most inclined to see.

The thing about a rod is that you only have to hang your scarves on the line. To prevent them from slipping off, make a loose knot for each of them to keep them from slipping off.

Never pull the knot too tight if you don’t want to end up re-ironing your scarf just when you need it ASAP.

4. Designate a Scarf Rack

Scarf racks come in multiple designs and construction. Basically, this organizer is indeed meant to store your scarves. If you are a constant wearer of this add-on accessory, why not buy one for yourself?

Usually, the scarf rack has these loops in a rod. This can be installed in your closet. Each scarf can be inserted in every loop and there is no more need for you to do anything to secure its placement.

With its durability and design, a scarf rack is generally a space-saver. Pull this organizer out of your closet in case you’re needing extra warmth and you are in search of a winter accessory.

5. Make Use of Your Hangers

A wooden hanger or whatever you have ready at your end can be of good use concerning scarf storage. If you are using a metal hanger, inspect it carefully and ditch the item the moment you find it rusty in some areas. Using this can rust your scarf and that stain is stubborn to eliminate.

Anyhow, with a piece of a scarf hanger, several accessories can be stored. Have them knotted in a considerable width, depending on how many scarves you want your hanger to accommodate. The more scarves the hanger has, the smaller the space each of them gets.

Knotting these accessories are essential too as they can easily be blown off by the wind and end up laying on the floor. Do it the same way you’d do it with a rod.

6. Keep Them in a Shelf

Some closets or wardrobes have several shelves located either on the sides or at the top. Take advantage of the empty ones and fill them in with your scarves from basic to luxurious.

The good thing about storing a scarf on a wide shelf is that you’ll never run out of space. Stacking the fabrics up there is an idea used by many to practically use the space inside.

Sure, a scarf’s fabric may differ from the other. Some are thin while others are bulky and thick. With that, categorize your accessories. It’s also a plus point if you are after making it look eye candy by categorizing the scarf colors.

7. Install Hooks on a Wall

If your scarf collection is not that quite big, hooks would be your new friends. Install a few on your wall or inside your closet door for an easy and more convenient way of storing your scarves.

To do this, simply drape each piece on a hook. The hook must be holding the accessory in its middle area for guaranteed non-slip placement. Ideally, this method is applicable for heavy scarves. Owners still resort to storing their delicate ones on the shelf.

The hooks can also be used for your caps, winter hats, coats, purses, and jackets, so what more would you want?

8. Draw Out the Baskets

Baskets in any form are other decorative pieces you can use for your scarves. These may come in fabric materials which are ideal for some scarf owners.

Simply fold each scarf or roll it if you prefer it that way. Then, place them inside the holder in a manner where it will be easy for anyone to pick their preferred color, print, or style for a scarf.

9. Shop for Metal Baskets

There are vintage metal baskets you can find in thrift stores or basically from any shop, physical or online. The appeal of metal baskets impresses people as their material can equate to durability and timelessness.

Arrange your scarves in an attractive manner and place them accordingly in your classic vessel. Another great thing is that these don’t have to be hidden in your darkest corners.

This type of organizer can be used as a sort of display in your room too, so instead, place this neatly on a table or beside your bed.

10. Reuse a Ladder

Feeling tight on the budget? Try to remember if you have had a ladder stored in your stockroom. If there’s one, then that would be an excellent scarf storage space alternative.

A ladder that is still in a good condition can be leaned against the wall (make sure it won’t slide down to the floor). Drape the scarves in the rung, afterward. You can organize it even more by color coding your scarves.

11. Use a Wire Photo Grid

If you think a wire photo grid is only best used as a storage idea for headbands and other hair accessories, then you are wrong. With the right positioning in your bedroom space, this will probably be your favorite sight in the room.

Wire photo grids have several metal squares and each one can lodge one scarf at a time. Let the fabrics drape for a more tasteful appearance. As much as you can, fill each space with a scarf. If there are blanks, those might serve as an encouragement to keep on collecting more scarves.

12. Let Out the Suitcase

Barely traveling in a year? The suitcase you bought shouldn’t be stored without having it serve a new temporary purpose. Let it out and use the space inside!

Roll your scarves in a manner you’d typically roll your traveling clothes and voila! You now have a superb organizer in the form of a suitcase. You don’t have to spend any more money buying racks, hooks, or drawer cases.

Should your company require you to travel for work, then that would be another story. Perhaps, have a backup storage plan for your scarves should you be in dire need of your suitcase.

13. Remodel a Newspaper Rack

Check out some shops or houses for a garage sale and who knows, you might end up finding a newspaper rack that has not been sold yet. Be quick to spend a few bucks on it because that item will have a new purpose in your home.

A newspaper rack, cleaned and painted according to your preference, can be purposed into a scarf holder. Depending on the style, you can either fold or hang your scarves on the rods.


14. Make Use of Clothespins

This is preferably done in scarves that are not too thick. After all, clothespins can only have a certain grip regarding a material’s thickness. If you have silk, satin, cotton, or velvet scarves, then let them drape in your room using the pins.

These can be installed anywhere. Clip each scarf carefully. Choose clothespins that do not have destructive teeth if you want to maintain the condition of your scarves.

15. Store in Underbed Storage Drawers

Another space you can take advantage of is your under-bed storage drawers. If you are using it for storing your snacks, it is time you move them somewhere more appropriate and let your scarves have the space they deserve.

Its location is also convenient for the owner as she only needs to pull the drawer out, pick the scarf and push it back in. If that’s not convenient to you, I don’t know what is. Of course, despite the spacious area, you still have to fold these scarves to give more room for your other collection and accessories.