16 Leather Trouser Outfit Ideas [Guide For Your Shopping]

And hail to the leather-lovers! But to those who have any leather pants and are only reserving them for the cold weather, then maybe you’ve got to take them out once in a while to splurge into some new sunny outfit! Yes, you don’t have to wear your leather in the freezing season only! Among our best picks for the leather pants outfits below might inspire you to layer them in other styles, too!

1. The Leather Ensemble From Top to Bottom

The Leather Ensemble From Top to Bottom

First up on our list is getting all-spectacular-looking with leather from top to bottom. Donning a leather jacket over your leather pants is like getting ready for Paris street-style today (or maybe to an action-packed scene of a movie)! There are a lot of structured jackets now that do not only give off that biker look but can also make you move like a classic swagging wearer. Add knee-length boots to complete the overall leather fad.

2. Monochromatic Black For Your Agenda

Monochromatic Black For Your Agenda

Go with this decent look that does not slander your walks and to wherever gig you will be! A gray blazer or vest will carry the balance that you are looking for in a black leather pants outfit. Also, a chunky belt with a big metal buckle will tuck that sexy inner blouse you have on, and so the womanly fashion you are looking forward to is definitely not a secondary thing anymore!

3. Turtleneck Top Galore

Turtleneck Top Galore

Now a top that slims down your straight-legged leather pants can be the next outfit you are looking forward to wearing. If that’s the case, better delve into some fancy turtleneck style of blouse that complements well with the color of the pants! Whether it’s a handknit or any well-tailored material, a turtleneck top will not fail you in achieving that slender silhouette.

4. The Autumn Sweaters

The Autumn Sweaters

Wearing leather material is also a guaranteed way to ensure you are warm throughout the frigid outdoors. And if you are preparing to go out any day soon with your sweaters on, then match them with tapered-end leather pants! The combination the two will make is so fab, more so if you wear a brimmed hat. Not only will you get a voguish outfit but you are also achieving that cozy style in the cold season!

5. The Fit White Long-sleeved Tops

The Fit White Long-sleeved Tops

Leather pants are your go-to when you want to look sleek and tall. And to wear something that enhances your curves a fit-sized top will do the work too! Just like here, an embellished long-sleeved white top goes well with a contrasting shiny black design of leather pants. Not only are you flaunting your silhouette, but of course you are also having that dynamic aura of being a fashion icon in the making!

6. Black Shiny Accessories Go Well With Leather

Black Shiny Accessories Go Well With Leather

Your accessories can always make or break the deal while wearing your leather pants. And so having a few essentials must be handy for you to go on through the day. Some of these leather outfit accessories can be dark or bright sunglasses, stylized handbags, bangles, or silver wristwatches. Brimmed hats always add a touch of personality, so don’t forget to wear that too!

7. With Your Favorite Beanie And Tee!

With Your Favorite Beanie And Tee!

Of course, we’ll never forget to mention tees! The best thing about wearing almost any fashion piece is if you are able to pair it with even your most favorite comfortable clothes. And so why not match your leather pants with some cool printed tee? A white graphic shirt atop any color of leather bottoms is still fantastic for simple casuals. You might even have tried this already, without us telling you!

Top your outfit with a fancy beanie of your liking, too! This could rather be of a complementary color or something that is either patterned, striped. or checkered!

8. Leather Pants To That Afternoon Break

Leather Pants To That Afternoon Break

The outfit that makes you look well-prepped and ready to plunge into any event that the day will throw! A fit, shiny leather bottoms will elevate anyone’s mood in daily or lazy afternoon meetings. Try a long button-down shirt as your top and see to it that you are also walking with those eye-catcher shoes!

You can also try to opt for that bright red lipstick to match your shirt or blouse. If you are aiming for that bold statement then you should definitely place this style as a new entry in your week’s wardrobe!

9. Cat-like Image With Stilettos

Cat-like Image With Stilettos

Trying a cat-woman OOTD tonite? Well, it is a no-brainer to go wear black leather pants or leggings to successfully achieve this look! With a matching black top and black stilettos, you’ll know your clothes are not a bore on those evening affairs and party lounging events! Certainly you’ll win a place for the night’s most fashionable outfit!

Stilettos that have round toes such as the one here are not only nice for showing off your leather pants but also will enhance your flair with clothes! Keep on going, fashionista!

10. Casual Stroll Day With Loose Tops

Casual Stroll Day With Loose Tops

Do you love wearing loose or extra-sized shirts? Couple it up with matching leather pants! The one we have here has a wide to narrow style and if you are likely to tuck in your casual shirt then you will look a bit leveled up for comfy and fashionable wear! This outfit can be one of the best styles you can come up for your incoming afternoon bond with gals!

11. Simply Vibin’ On Layered Clothes

Simply Vibin’ On Layered Clothes

Going out with your homies does not mean you are stuck again using your same, old favorite clothes. Styling into some shiny leather pants makes a usual day seem more important than the day before! The ones here feature a winter-ready style that enables you to mix n’ match clothes in the same color palette! Do not forget to bring that satin or cotton scarf that will go along with the rest of your outfit!

12. Movie Night With A Matching Leather Outfit

Movie Night With A Matching Leather Outfit

There’s no denying that an all-leather outfit sounds luxurious and even exquisite to the eyes. Wearing one will instantly give you the feels of being in a celebrity gala or fashion show! Tie up your hair to achieve that modish and busy look!

Pants that are full length with a high waist are fancy to wear not only to casual events but are undeniably a must-have staple for all your night outings or clubbing. Your silhouette will be perfectly youthful and sexy!

Use black or brown leather pants for a turtleneck shirt or low-lying neck blouse. A matching strappy or closed heel will also give you that delicate modish aura. Lastly, a hair bun will extra emphasize your whole leather outfit in terms of elegance. Either a crown bun or a low classic bun will do!

13. Vibrant Striped or Patterned Tops

Vibrant Striped or Patterned Tops

Sure there are times that you are to feel a little bit zesty and cool and so your outfit can emanate that impression! Some bright-colored clothes will surely suit you to uplift the day’s mood! Just like the waist bow blouse here, it has the vibe of casual and also work wear which looks fine on a form-fitting leather pants.


14. Lovin’ Your White Sneakers

Lovin’ Your White Sneakers

Leather pants are a versatile piece of clothing no matter what theme you are going for the day. It will go well for your hipster-looking boots, or even with your classic white sneakers! A sure way to relish into some childlike or sprightly mood on any normal day, plunge into this pair!

15. A Shine In Your Color Palette

A Shine In Your Color Palette

It doesn’t have to be the black leather pants all the time!  When you mix n’ match your clothes, try to also join in a couple of unusual colors for those shiny trousers! For example, mauve, red or burgundy-colored leather pants look perfectly unique for a fresh new look.

16. Furs And Fleece!

Furs And Fleece!

As leather will always be one of our top choices for winter’s clothing material, prepping it with some soft, cushy fleece or fur jacket or scarf, will give off a nice contrasting sophistication to the wearer. You’ve got to try this one for the upcoming season!