Gift for Woodworker

Shopping for a loved one who’s a woodworker is both easy and challenging at the same time. Yes, you’ve got gift ideas, but you’re not an expert when it comes to power tools or any tools for that matter. 

Cheer up because we created a list of gift ideas for woodworkers below: 

1. Personalized Carpenter Pencils

Personalized Carpenter Pencils

Yes, you got it right. Carpenter pencils are different from your regular pencil. These pencils have a rectangular or elliptical shape. This is to prevent them from rolling around. These particular carpenter pencils are etched with jokes; only a woodworker can relate:

  • Did you see what I saw?
  • Measure twice, cuss 17 times

These pencils are available in navy blue, black, aqua, and red. 

2. Sawdust Is Man Glitter

Sawdust Is Man Glitter

Do you want something new to give him this Christmas? Get the woodworker of your life; this custom made shirt printed with “Sawdust is man’s glitter.” This will be a huge hit to your loved one. Aside from the shirt is good quality, the print’s graphic is crisp as well. And lastly, this comes in different sizes and colors (navy, black, dark grey, etc.) you can choose from.

3. Custom Tools

Custom Tools

If the woodworker in your family is really particular about accuracy and precision, I’m sure he’ll appreciate these custom tools as a gift. This set contains a Mirock Square Metric 310mm 0.5mm Step, Mirock Square 206mm 0.5mm step, and Mirock Ruler Metric 120mm 0.5mm step. The Etsy seller, who made these tools, received a lot of praise for these woodworking tools’ outstanding quality.

4. Chisel Set

Chisel Set

A serious woodworker should have a good quality chisel kit he can use to work on his project. Shop this set containing six chisels with beveled edges of varying sizes in this Etsy shop. These chisels are made from forged 52100 steel with handles made from wood from ash trees. This also comes with a leather bag to protect the set from damage and prevent the handler from cutting himself.

5. Router Table

Router Table

If he’s always complaining about his cuts going astray due to the handheld router, then he’ll love this router table. This table has a large and smooth aluminum top, which makes it the perfect place for woodworking. With this, he’ll need less of a clamp, wedges, and hand-downs. Buying him one instead of him building one will save him lots of time and money.

6. Woodworking Clamps

Woodworking Clamps

A woodworker can never have too many clamps. Every woodworking project, big or small, needs the assistance of sturdy clamps. These clamps are responsible for holding pieces securely when it’s time to cut, assemble, or bond them.
So to help him build his collection of clamps, get him this set of quick-grip clamps. These clamps also have non-marring pads, which are great for protecting his work from scratches.

7. Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A woodworker knows that a dependable miter saw can hold different types of blades depending on his need. This saw is powered by a 15-amp motor that can handle hard materials. Another perfect feature is that this has a blade with 60 carbide teeth attached to a tiltable bracket. That said, this saw is durable and will have a long life, which is perfect for those seriously pursuing woodworking.

8. Bench Cookie

Bench Cookie

Bench cookies don’t refer to cookies a woodworker can munch on while he’s working on a bench. Instead, a bench cookie refers to non-slip rubber pads capable of holding down materials and preventing tipping when it’s time to sand down, saw, or apply finishes. Make his Christmas perfect when you get this bench cookie. Add in real cookies he can eat while he’s in his workshop.

9. Woodworking Apron

Woodworking Apron

Woodworking can be quite dangerous, so your favorite person should have an apron when he’s in his workshop. A shop apron is a must-have, especially when he is dealing with the lathe. This heavy-duty apron can protect him from everything–from dust to stain and sticky substances.

This apron contains spacious pockets to store tools such as a clamp, or drill bits, making it even more ideal as a gift for woodworkers.

10. Reverse Measuring Tape

Reverse Measuring Tape

Gifts for woodworkers shouldn’t have to be a complicated tool you haven’t heard of. It could be as simple as this reverse measuring tape. This reverse measuring tape is a great stocking stuffer for your lefty loved one who’s into woodworking. Like other lefties, he’ll be amazed to be able to read a tape from right-side-up for the first time in his entire life.

11. Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wristband

Not yet satisfied with the gift ideas we laid on you? Then, read on.
A tool for holding tools? You read that right. This magnetic wristband has strong magnets capable of holding nails, a piece of wood, screws, drill bits, clamp, etc. This wristband is durable, lightweight, adjustable, and made up of 100% nylon. Most importantly, he could treat this as an extra hand when he’s deep into woodworking. Sounds great, right?

12. Push Block for Table Saw

Push Block for Table Saw

Here is another one of the great gift ideas for woodworkers-a push block. A push block is a lovely gift for a craftsman since it can protect his hand from the blade while he is ripping woods. This block gives him the capacity to control the cuts he’s making, which will not be possible without a blade guard. Aside from the table saw, he can also use this when he uses a router table or band saws.

13. Digital Angle Finder

Digital Angle Finder

Being precise might be the favorite quality of a person who’s into woodworking. And precision requires an excellent tool such as this digital angle finder. This stainless steel angle finder also features a protractor, a lock angle feature, and a hinge design. The hinge design will allow him to make 360° measurements.

It’s also small and compact, making it easier to be carried around in his pocket while working on the workshop.

14. Roller Brayer

Roller Brayer

His workshop is probably brimming with lots of tools, but he likely feels like he doesn’t have the right tool for his next project. Why not start small, and get him a roller brayer? A roller brayer comes in handy when applying a thin layer of paint, ink, or glue on the wood or any material. This brayer smoothly rolls, has a non-slip handle, and, most importantly, can be easily cleaned.

15. Pain Relief Cream

Pain Relief Cream

As the saying goes, love and pain always go hand in hand. In this case, his love for woodworking may sometimes manifest itself in the form of body pains. Thus, pain relief creams make excellent gift ideas for woodworkers. Another way to show your love is by offering him a massage to make your Christmas gift even more significant.

16. Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs

Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs

Being exposed to loud noise from a high power tool will undoubtedly damage his hearing. Thus, one way to protect him from this woodworking injury is to shop for these earmuffs as a gift. These earmuffs’ effective in blocking noise from a tool such as a table saw.

17. Dead Sea Collection 3-in-1 Shower Product

Dead Sea Collection 3-in-1 Shower Product

When you are shopping for gifts for woodworkers, take note that the gift doesn’t have to be a saw, wood, or any woodworking products. It could merely be a 3-in-1 shower product with healing properties from minerals. This product can wash away dust, stain, and paint while eliminating and soothing redness and skin irritation. Plus, it also gives off an earthy smell, which most men and women like.

18. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

We’ve included a fire extinguisher in the list of great gift ideas for those who love to create art using wood. An overheating tool can cause a fire, especially with wood around. Therefore, to prevent this from happening in the future, he has to have a fire extinguisher. This fire extinguisher has received over 6000 ratings on Amazon. Thus, this is best for ensuring safety while he is at work.

19. Handheld Branding Iron

Handheld Branding Iron

If he’s looking into making his woodworking a career, he needs to put his brand on every piece he creates. To do this, you should include a handheld branding iron on your list. This iron has features such as temperature control and 11 tips. With over 4000 ratings on Amazon, I’m pretty sure this handheld iron will do a job well done. 

20. Reusable Shims

Reusable Shims

Gifts for woodworkers should include must-have items such as shims. Shims make positioning and adjusting pieces easier before securing them in place. In particular, a reusable shim will make putting up cabinets really easy. I’m pretty sure every artisan would want this in their toolbox. And soon, they’ll be stocking up for more.

21. Gloves


The best gifts for woodworkers should include gloves. This one’s in pink and best for those who love this color! A glove gives someone who’s working with wood a secure grip. A glove should also be made from abrasion-resistant material, especially on the knuckle and finger area. Luckily, these gloves have the said features and more. Go on and get this as one of your gifts for your loved one.