The 14 Best Gift For Minecraft Lover That They’ll Surely Adore

No one can deny how special and perfect Minecraft is for all ages, not to mention the fact that everyone had a chance to play Minecraft. So if your loved one is playing Minecraft, they would sure have an awesome time when they see this popular gift you got for them!

1. Minecraft ore lamp!

2. Minecraft lever light switch!

light switch

This lever-looking skin for your light switch would definitely put a smile on the kids’ faces. This Minecraft themed gift idea would surely be a big hit for anyone who’s deep into the Minecraft world. It’s definitely an easy way to make DIY things new and different around the household, not to mention the fact that it’s easy to look for when you try to turn it open in the dark!

3. Minecraft cat shaped neck pillow!

cat shaped neck pillow

Here’s a gift that’s definitely harder to resist for the real Minecraft fans. Straight out of the video game is this wonderful gift idea for kids that play Minecraft. This plush is perfect for any age and any situation in life. It’s also super easy to search and is best as a birthday party gift. It’s an object anyone would love to have around their necks A LOT, and the fact that this might be your favorite character from the game is just a bonus.

4. Transforming Diamond Minecraft Sword and Pickaxe!

Sword and Pickaxe

One of the best in game items has now been made to be brought to the real world to be with the real Minecraft lovers. Isn’t it just great? Now if you cosplay your favorite Minecraft characters (like Steve), it would be easier for you to get identified if you have this on you. Sure you can make one on your own, but would it transform like this? I don’t think so!

5. Glowstone Desk Lamp!

Desk Lamp

It’s not so hard to search in the dark now with this Minecraft themed lamp that does look like a glow stone! It’s a unique Minecraft gift for every Minecraft fan out there. Make every birthday party gift count, and make all the other Minecraft gifts jealous! Have the best and most fun time in lighting up the desk, the table, or the bed with this sure fire popular hit with the kids!

6. Real world Minecraft torch!


The kids are definitely going to love this! Light up the house a different way and make it the most awesome and perfect lamp as possible. This unique in game torch from Minecraft can now be your home’s light accent, not to mention the fact that it’s super easy to install! Minecraft lovers would definitely want this in their room, so that’s easily a gift idea for you to capitalize on!

7. Minecraft creeper face mask!

face mask

This Minecraft themed gift is one of those gift ideas that is perfect for everyday use. Make a simple face mask special by having a creeper printed on it. Look at the face of the celebrant in any birthday party you’d gift this to, they’d probably have a great time with this! The creeper is one of the game ‘s most famous characters, falling second only to Steve.

8. Minecraft TNT block storage organizer!

block storage organizer

Imagine stacking your most important documents in the deadliest figure in Minecraft. This Minecraft TNT block storage organizer is a sure bomb in the office or house that could clean up any mess in a jiffy! If you’re looking for birthday party gift ideas, this gift is definitely it. There is an infinite list of things that you get to put inside this, and there are also an infinite amount of things you may set inside it to only find them later.

9. Minecraft’s enchanted bow and arrow!

bow and arrow

Now, this is a video game weapon we all consider as truly the best in the list of minecraft gifts or gift ideas. No creeper can go against this, and the kids definitely won’t be able to resist it! It’s those fun and cool birthday party gifts that even Steve would be envious of you when he sees you playing with it! Find yourself falling in love with this, as you know deep inside this is the greatest weapon of all time in Minecraft!

10. Minecraft stainless steel vacuum bottle!

vacuum bottle

All your drinks would be cold when you use this vacuum bottle for help anytime you’re playing Minecraft. It looks like a creeper, but kids definitely won’t be able to resist having this in their arsenal. Keep in in your list of ideas for birthday party gifts, or maybe even have it as a prize after a birthday party game! The possibilities are endless with this cool bottle to share!

11. Minecraft Steve halloween costume!


Minecraft’s titular in game character would be the best gifts all the kids could ever receive. The look on their faces when they see this at their special birthday party is priceless, and you’d instantly know that doing things this different would make a lot of kids happy. Ideas for gifts shouldn’t always be too hard, especially when you set your thoughts straight and you have made sure it’s perfect for all ages!

12. Minecraft storage block cube organizer!

storage block cube organizer

Have your stuff organized in the most iconic Minecraft way possible! The possibilities for this are endless -with most ideas of things you can put in and find in there would definitely be special. No creeper can harm this box, even in the game that the kids’ play says so! It’s a great birthday present all the kids would love! Now, you can do DIY cleaning with your kids!

13. Lego Minecraft Nether Portal!

Nether Portal

This is a mock set up of the game’s grandest moments! Have the kids be amazed by this recreation of the obsidian portal right before their eyes. Just by looking at it, you can easily tell how this is a very crucial moment in the game. Make every birthday a little bit more surprising as the kids DIY their way into building this fantastic little set! The playtime this set begs for would definitely be endless, instantly making it a good buy!

14. Lego Minecraft blaze bridge!

blaze bridge

Be amazed by this Lego set up that brings Minecraft’s blaze bridge to life! It’s their new release that made use of a very iconic part of the game that anyone can DIY to build in their homes. It’s a great birthday party present for all to be amazed about. This blaze bridge definitely won’t disappoint, as it’s built to astound and wow everyone that sees it. Have the game come to life with you now! The possibilities that you can play with this just won’t end!