Are Bralettes Good for Small Breasts? 9 Benefits You Can’t Ignore

If you are small-busted, you should already know that a bralette is your best friend. Acknowledging that there is a variety of styles and shapes, the general offering of a bralette is comfort and perfection in fit. 

It has no horrible underwires, it is made from soft and lightweight materials, and most of all, it can give you a bit of stretch and coverage you need. You can get the best of both worlds from a bralette– with pads or no pads, a bralette will keep you from settling with traditional bras. 

You’ll never go wrong by choosing this as your everyday undergarment staple. Keep reading to know why! 

Why You Should Switch Your Bra to Bralettes

There is one common problem ladies face when it comes to dealing with their bras: the fit. Admit it or not but we have at least a couple of bras in our drawers that don’t perfectly cup our breasts. It’s either too big, too small, too tight, or too uncomfortable.

Harper’s Bazaar has estimated that at least 80% of women from the UK are donning a bra that doesn’t come in their size. Unless you get yours custom-made, you’ll experience it sitting on the most sensitive parts of your chest.

If your breasts aren’t too big, it’s a much better choice if you sport a bralette instead. Although some bras are made for small busts, bralettes seem to provide more benefits. 

A bralette’s lack of construction makes it capable of hugging your whole breast. You won’t have to constantly reposition this garment as the feeling stays comfortable throughout the day without any super firm material in it.

10 Benefits of Wearing a Bralette for Small-Busted Women

There’s a reason why many people think bralettes are only suitable for small-busted women. Although it’s not entirely factual, still, there is some truth to it. 

If you have a small pair, take note of these 10 benefits you can get from wearing a bralette:

1. A Bralette Can Be Seamless

With loads of bralette styles and construction, you can easily find one that’s to your liking. If you try wearing a seamless one, you’ll be able to wear any tops without worrying about forming ridges at your front, unlike your well-formed, constructed bra. 

A seamless bralette is sometimes made from nylon-elastane material and is super stretchy. Some feature removable pads so you can decide on the level of coverage. This trait is something the traditional bra obviously lacks.

2. Indulge in Various Racerback Styles

Point-blank bralettes are highly stylish and can be worn as stand-alone garments. Although we were programmed to perceive bigger, fuller breasts as the most attractive and ideal, small ones still remain sexy in the eyes, more so if it’s under a lace bralette.

One of the features included in this type of undergarment would be the racerback style. They’re ultra-chic and the fixed T-strap may help in improving posture and movement. Aside from that, the racerback is a design made visible when you wear tank tops.

3. A Bralette Provides Just Enough Support

Small breasts don’t need as much support as big breasts would. It’s perfect because bralettes generally just provide you with the right amount of it. Whether you have to run, jog, or jump, you know you won’t experience a heavy feeling in your chest.

If you don’t know it yet, sports bras are considered a type of bralette. They act as your second skin that is not constricting and remains excellent coverage-wise. It’s no wonder why some ladies find pleasure in wearing bralettes every day; if not, they go bra-free.

4. It Almost Feels Like Wearing Nothing

Many years ago, we didn’t have as many options when it comes to bras compared to now. With loads of innovations, we have to start gradually moving toward bralettes that almost feel like they’re not there!

Since there are no wires, the overall quality of a certain bralette includes feeling silky, smooth, seamless, and without the poking feeling someone may get from a bra. You can wear a form-fitting top or dress and expect no lines from your undergarment forming through it. 

On top of that, it’s light and you’ll even forget you’re wearing something beneath your shirt.

5. Can Be Used as a Top

Ever wished your breasts were bigger? You better stay satisfied with the ones you have now. There’s absolutely nothing less attractive if you’re small-busted. In fact, you can enjoy a  lot of perks fashion-wise.

Since your chest is small, you can opt to just settle with a bralette as your top. After all, it already conceals your breasts perfectly and most bralettes are not perceived to be as vulgar as bras when worn alone. 

6. The Lack of Wires Makes It Comfy

No matter what size your cup is, we all experience the pain of having to wear wired bras. There may be some who have the wires bent or already poking out. However, with the presence of innovative bras, you can start cutting ties with the traditional ones you have.

It’s a no-brainer. If it’s wire-free, then it’s comfy.

7. Pads Are Removable

Some bralettes are sheer, others are lightly padded, and the rest are dual purpose. Since support is not a question if it’s worn on a small chest, you can switch from pads to no pads at liberty.

Feel fully at home without the pads or ready for an errand by inserting them back in. Your call!

8. Can Be Worn as Loungewear Without the Vulgarity

Got your friends coming over? You can certainly still wear your bralette without looking too exposed. That’s another perk of being small-breasted. You can find a lot of bralettes in the market that can fully cover your bust with, of course, the right fit.

This advantage is a bit of a luxury for those who have big chests, on the other hand. While small-busted girls look cute in a bralette, their counterparts lean more to the sexy side.

9. A Bralette Can Offer a Push-up Support

Want to make your breasts look a little bigger without going under the knife? Well, good news for you, there actually are bralettes with push-up designs. The band holds everything in place and there are no wires in the whole construction. It’s purely creativity and advancement in planning out how the bralette will turn out. 

With your bra, nothing will happen to how your breasts would look, or if there is, you’ll feel the hard metal wire under your breasts. These are exactly what you won’t experience from the bralette.

Debunking Myths on Wearing a Bralette

Some are still too daunted to try getting into the bralette trend. If there’s anything we’d have to say to convince you to jump in the fad, that would be that bralettes are good for you. What holds you back from investing in a few are oftentimes just baseless rumors and myths.

Today, we are debunking at least three major myths.

1. Bralettes Cause Sagging

The boob drop phenomenon is in no way, caused by wearing a bralette. Just because it has no maximum support doesn’t mean that a traditional bra can keep you from the saggy experience.

Be in for a shock because the actual reasons why boobs sags are age and genetics. If you are endowed with big assets, then you’re more prone to sagging. It’s not surprising. There’s gravity here! 

Always expect that there will be a sort of a change in the body over time. To reiterate, sagging is not caused by what clothes you wear.

2. Bralettes Are Only Good for Lounging

This is another myth that needs to be debunked. Bralettes are sported as an everyday garment enjoyed by popular celebrities and by people in general. Although, of course, you can wear this at home, you shouldn’t feel compelled to only flaunt it within your territory.

Go out there and have fun whilst looking like a temptress!

3. Bralette Support Isn’t Adequate

This is another rumor that is definitely not true in certain cases. A bralette is capable of providing enough support and coverage as long as you carefully choose one that suits and fits you. 

With the right bralette, you can feel secure and steady all day long. Surprise, surprise, but even those with D cups feel supported by bralettes!

Our Top 5 Picks of Bralettes for Small Breasts

If there’s anything you shouldn’t do, that is to never underestimate the power of a single bralette. Without a doubt, this is the perfect undergarment for people with small melons. The generic triangle cup is even perceived to be the most flattering for a small chest. 

With it being so IN in the fashion mainstream, finding a bralette is very easy.

This time, we are onto the best bralettes for small-busted women. Here are our top 5 picks for you:

1. Smart & Sexy Lace V Bralette

Turn your plain tank top into something more mysteriously sexy! This plunging bralette has attractive lace edges that show. Although you lack a bit from the bust department, at least you’re overflowing when it comes to looking stylish. Since it’s fit, your breasts will easily have the support and coverage they need. There’ll be a bit of cleavage out, but not too much, still it’s enough to charm any man.

2. Iris and Lilly’s Intricate Halter Lace Bra

Let’s set aside the lace detail on this one and behold the beauty of this bralette which is undeniably a match for small-busted women. The cuts are feminine and it perfectly suits your chest’s size well. This halter bralette is adjustable and the backless feature is just pure heaven to those who like to show a little more skin.

3. Calvin Klein Carousel Triangle Bralette

Make yourself happy and lounge-ready! Where else would you go but Calvin Klein? This brand is notorious for manufacturing all clothes comfortable for you and for everyone. If you’re tired of wearing overly padded bras to catch up with your insecurity due to your breasts’ size, then this would be your ultimate confidence booster.

4. DKNY Cut-Out & Wirefree Lace Bralette

A lot of women swear by this bralette from DKNY. As always, the brand isn’t the last to produce the best and cutest garments on the market. It’s flat-out the best for women with smaller chests. Although it’s lightweight, the lace bralette offers a lift, therefore giving you an added bit of bust!

5. Mae’s High-Neck Bralette

For practical wear, a high-neck bralette from Mae’s will do it for you. It leans more on the conservative side as well as it is closely similar to a cropped tank top. If there’d be anything you’ll love, it would be nothing else but this bralette. This can fit from A to C cups. How awesome!