Can You Wash Slacks? Your Complete Guide

To answer, slacks can be washed and that can be done in different ways, but some manufacturers would suggest the most ideal. If you’re unsure how to do your laundry, be sure to check the instructions that came along with your clothing, but in case that’s lost or no longer readable, we got you covered. 

The Proper Ways to Wash Your Slacks

Consider leaving the “throw it in the washing machine immediately” squad if you don’t want to end up drowning your slacks in regret. Manufacturers and brands would usually put a tag that details how to properly take care of the slacks and there is no other alternative to it than to follow their instructions well.

Dry Cleaning

  • The first step involves determining if your slacks are strictly for dry cleaning. The item in question, as mentioned, will have a tag that tells how it can be properly laundered.
  • Suede and leather require special care and are best treated by professional cleaners. 
  • Dry cleaning is best done at home only for slacks that are lightly soiled. 
  • For stains, stain removers would be needed, but before doing so, test it out first on a sample fabric or in a discreet spot. In dry cleaning kits, there will be a stain remover included, so it’s best to stick with it.
  • Apply the stain remover on the spots only to avoid damaging the rest of the fabric and the overall shape. 
  • Place your slacks in the dry cleaning bag and ensure that if you do them by pair, the slacks are close in color to prevent the possibility of a garment that has a bleeding dye affect the other.
  • Unfold the dry cleaning sheet completely and place it inside the bag. Seal it up afterward.
  • Next up, place the bag inside the dryer on medium heat for 30 minutes. Opt for the timed setting. If the dryer has no medium setting, keep yourself from getting adventurous and instead err on the side of caution. Turn the heat on its lowest.
  • Remove the slacks immediately after the timer goes off to avoid the unwanted wrinkly appearance.

Machine Wash

  • There’s no better first step in every slacks cleaning procedure than to check what the manufacturer suggests regarding its cleaning. If you are worried about damaging your slacks, bring them to the dry cleaners instead.
  • Next, if the signal lights green, do a spot test. This is to see if the dye would be easily rubbed off by a cotton swab. If it does, let a professional do the rest.
  • To reduce the fading impact whilst washing, turn your slacks inside out and place them inside a mesh bag.
  • The next step is to wash them in cold water in a gentle cycle. Of course, opt to use mild detergent only in an adequate amount.

Hand Wash

  • If you trust nothing but your hands when it comes to washing your slacks, then we can’t blame you. In fact, hand washing your garments is never a bad idea as you have all the control when it comes to squishing and squashing.
  • Pour cold water into a basin and mild detergent for your slacks. Use the recommended amount only.
  • Have your slacks saturated in the solution after and only use your fingers when rubbing the stains.
  • Once you’re done removing all the speck and spots, pour out the solution and refill the basin with clean water. Repeat this step until the laundry detergent is completely rinsed out.

How Often Can You Use Slacks Before Washing Them?

Slacks and other types of trousers can be worn 2 to 5 times between washing, but if it is a little hot outside, consider washing it every one or two wears. This is because when the climate is hot and humid, moisture can gather on your skin’s surface and that eventually gets absorbed by the fabric.

If your slacks are as ready as the girls and boys scouts due to their sweat-wicking properties, you’ll surely be glad to know that you can wait a bit longer before tossing your garments to the washing machine. Choose the material of the slacks you are going to wear for every season you have.

Just a bit of a reminder, although it is perfectly fine to wash your slacks every after a few wears, it is not recommended to always subject it to cleaning. To preserve the condition of your classic trousers, make sure you have other ones available in your wardrobe.

Scheduling when to wear what pants lengthen their lifespan and durability. Avoid using one pair of slacks, washing it afterward, and reusing it immediately. 

What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Slacks?

Well, there is nothing more obvious than the kicking smell and appearance of dirt should you leave your slacks unwashed for a very long time. This gets even worse if this clothing is used in warm, humid conditions. Sure, spot cleaning can be done to keep the fabric free from stains, but that is a band-aid solution. Co-workers will still be able to sniff the scent off your clothes.

Extra Tips After Washing Your Slacks

Still feeling a bit unsure on whether your slacks are ready to be sported again? Your home method for washing may not always be foolproof and in case that happens, you can do a few touch-ups. Here are four extra tips you can follow:

In Using the Dryer

Resort to using low heat for your precious slacks to avoid the formation of wrinkles or shrinking. Do note, that when you are unsure about something, it is best to hold back from going intense with the process. Jumping right off to high heat can cause irreversible damages and that could mean not being able to wear your all-time favorite clothing again.

Check for Spots

It can’t be avoided at times to realize that one teeny tiny spot is still persistently there on a certain area of your slacks. Don’t be disheartened if you see one somewhere as there are special stain remover products you can purchase from your nearest store.

As mentioned, do a spot test in a conspicuous area first to make sure that the product works just fine with your pants’ material.

Iron Once Dry

After washing your slacks, you might feel a bit off gazing at them after they have been washed. Well, if there is anything missing from the entire method you employed then that would be the ironing part. See how much difference that makes! Immediately turn on the iron and run it all over your garment.

Properly follow the folds and ensure no undesirable creases are made along the process.

Have the Right Fit

Having done all the procedures right but still ending up seeing unattractive wrinkles on your pants sure is frustrating and annoying. The problem might not lie in how you clean it, so don’t bother yourself repeating the steps. Instead, check on the mirror and see if the slacks come in your size. The more fabric it has, especially around the ankles, the more prone it is to wrinkling. 

5 Durable Slacks That Are Easy to Wash

Time to get your slacks collection started! You can’t just settle with having the confidence that you know everything about slacks. What is it for then if you don’t even have a pair at your disposal?

Start having the obsession with these comfy garments, and guaranteed, they will be your go-to fashion choice. Unsure about which ones to buy? You don’t have to browse elsewhere as we have listed all must-buy slacks here.

1. Calvin Klein’s Modern Pants

Have ready-to-wear pants for emergency meetings by grabbing these Calvin Klein slacks that are made from fabric blends of polyester, rayon, and spandex. Not settling with just one material ensures that the overall performance of these trousers is upgraded to the max. This is preferably best cleaned the dry clean way to preserve its condition.

2. Men’s Slim-fit Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Pants

These slim-fit chino pants have a flat-front design, wrinkle-free, and are made out of cotton and polyester. Talk about comfort and softness! With their features, these pants are saving you the time from allocating an ironing schedule plus, you don’t have to go to your laundry shop just so it can be cleaned. This handiwork can withstand machine wash, but you should still be cautious when you configure it.

3. Haggar Men’s Pleated Pants

For big, bulky men, pleated slacks would be your best friend. The extra fabric allows more space for your thighs to move in. This will also accommodate those who have broad hips. The garment is made from 100% cotton so your skin would feel a soft texture throughout your working hours. To say the least, there is no shortage of comfort for these pants. It can be thrown into a washing machine and not lose even a bit of its original quality.

4. Cubavera Men’s Drawstring Linen-Blend Pants

Be the exact definition of comfort and style if you sport this linen type of slacks. These are your go-to pants for summer vacations or whenever you want to relax, it doesn’t even matter if you opt for a home staycation with a glass of wine in your hand. Just be careful not to spill a drop of it on these pants, but don’t be too concerned if this accident happens. You can wash it immediately through your washing machine. I know. How convenient, right?

5. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Cargo Pants

Made from cotton and polyester, these cargo pants would be your everyday choice for outdoor activities. When hard work is required to achieve an impressive day job, what you need is a pair of pants that would let you move freely. These tactical pants are spacious from the hips down to the ankles, but the waist in itself is elastic to make sure it fits just right. Go for a moderate or gentle cycle when you wash these unless there is heavy-duty dirt that’s too tough to be removed.