How to Wear an Infinity Scarf: 14 Easy Ways to Utilize It

Pretty sure it’s obvious that we are a fan of scarves and who doesn’t have one at home? Since it comes in so many varieties, we’ll be focusing more on the details of the infinity scarf.

Five to ten years from now, this piece will still remain relevant to most ladies all over the world. The term goes by other names such as loop, circle, or eternity scarf and true to its name, the scarf has no end. 

Here, we have put into a list all the genius hacks and styling tricks you can do with this type of accessory.

1. Practical Hooded Scarf

Got no snood to cover your head against the sun? An infinity scarf would be a great alternative to caps and beanies. We have seen this way too many times both on TV and in real life, so if you have not tried this before, why not flaunt it on your next casual outing? Depending on what the fabric is, you will either look vintage and classy or relaxed and easy-going. Some infinity scarves may be too big, but you can either let the remaining fabric hang loosely around your shoulders or tuck it beneath your long coat for a tighter fit. If that doesn’t work for you as they can be bulky, go for those that are made from lighter materials.

2. The Classic Infinity Scarf Style

Ignore the size of your eternity scarf because, in this style, the smallness and largeness of it won’t matter that much. It isn’t that complicated putting this on either. All you have to do is put the loop around your neck and adjust it so the scarf does not fall on the edge of the shoulders. To do that, let the accessory loosely rest from your shoulders down to the chest. Just do it how you’d do a regular scarf. No twists or knots are needed. The best top would be tees and turtlenecks.

3. Typical Layered Scarf

Finding your scarf to be too long to just let it hang freely around your neck? The last thing you want to experience is your scarf dangling against your knees as you walk. So how do you deal with this? Simply loop it around your neck twice or thrice depending on how loose and tight you want it to be. The perk is this style adds more warmth to your body. The technique is best suited during winter or chill days.

4. Middle Knot Hooded Infinity Scarf

Another simple variation of the traditional scarf is the middle knot with a hood. This is when you wear your scarf in its regular form but the twist is, you create a knot in the middle or somewhere near your chest to add more character to it. The upper part is then used as a convenient hood should you want your head to stay cool during the summer. You don’t have to do anything with the part below aside from letting it sway freely with the wind. Colored, plain, patterned, or knitted, any type of scarf texture and design is acceptable.

5. Easy Peasy Twist

Another distinct and uncommon way to wear a scarf is this one—you just twist it around while leaving a free space or another loop on the bottom, insert it again on your neck and do the last touches. Make sure there is enough room on your neck. Larger infinity scarves are preferred so you can apply more twists on them. Remarkably, in the end, a sort of subtle ligature shows which is considered a unique design compared to most standard ways of wearing the scarf.

6. Neatly Two Layered

Another kind of layering for the infinity scarf is a neatly two-layered style. What you are after is to create a more vivid pattern such as this one. Instead of letting your scarf create its own folds, what you do is to either twist or fold it until it looks crisp despite the folds. Insert the loop on your neck, twirl it once and insert a new loop. It is best matched with a long coat or a leather jacket or even just a simple white shirt. If you want to add a beanie to your whole outfit, try to match it with your neck accessory.

7. Scarf Shawl

This inspo is not so hard to accomplish. After all, the infinity scarf’s construction has already made it easy. All you have to do is get in the middle of the fabric and let it fall down from your shoulders. Do this in a way that resembles a shawl. Typically, the back is covered midway but the front has most of the infinity scarf’s fabric. Every time it gets cold, you can just pull both the left and the right side together for maximum warmth, especially if you have not brought your sweater with you.

8. Distinct Scarf Vest

Look further in your favorite online shops and you will certainly eventually see a unique type of infinity scarf. If you are lucky, you might end up seeing one that is up for sale in a rectangular form with a hole in the center. Don’t hesitate to add this to your cart as this can serve as an excellent vest or an add-on to your whole fashion game even if you are just heading off to the field for a picnic or outing with friends.

9. Infinity Scarf Halter Style

Do you think scarves are better off as accessories? Think again. If you are running out of clothing options, it is time to get creative and daring. An infinity scarf in soft jersey or silk can be turned into a tempting halter top. Where can you wear this? Various events, girl! You can sport this in the club, party, or after parties. Make sure it hugs your skin so you would avoid unwanted exposure. Check the fabric as well should there be holes or sheer areas when stretched.

10. Eternal Scarf Skirt

An eternal scarf isn’t just there to serve as a top alternative but as well as a skirt. You can use one that goes with the size you prefer. Wear this from your feet and since it won’t be tight around the waist, you’d need a belt to keep it together. Preferably, the belt needs to match the color of the scarf so it would become less obvious that you’re flaunting a DIY skirt. If the material is thin but opaque, you can also ditch the belt and instead tie a ribbon out of the excess fabric on the side or at the middle part so you’d have a stylish design out of it.

11. Eternal Scarf Headband

A mini circle scarf can also be utilized as a headband. Who knew this piece of accessory can be so flexible in many ways? To achieve the turban style, twist it up in the middle twice and hold both loops together. Insert it around your head and do little adjustments to make sure it fits just right. If it feels like the hair and the scalp are under pressure and are drawn to the back due to tightness, use a bigger infinity scarf. It isn’t wise to settle with something too tight. The last thing you’d want to happen is having a receding hairline after constantly using this technique.

12. Sensible Scarf Baby Sling

Searching for one interesting style to use an infinity scarf? Well, here is what you are looking for— a baby sling. Make two loops and place both around the neck. Pull the other forward to create more space. This is where you will be placing your adorable baby. You can drape the pulled-out portion over your shoulder. As you place your kid, ensure that his back is well covered by the scarf to avoid him from slipping off. If you don’t feel sure about carrying a baby in this style, you can carry your pet cat here instead.

13. Loop Scarf Turban Head Wrap

Keep your hair from getting near your face, especially if you are in the middle of doing something. Aim for the turban look using a medium-sized loop scarf. What you need to do is to place it on your head and let it fall back. Enough of the fabric would cover the scalp. Then, twist the loose end once, wrap it around the bottom up to the front and repeat it as deemed necessary until there are no loose areas showing any longer.

14. A Mere Finishing Touch

As we all know, scarves are mainly used as an accessory and accessories are there to brighten or make your whole attire look more appealing and classy. To bring the whole look together, add an infinity scarf around your neck. The main purpose is not to add warmth but rather to make you experience wearing an aesthetic and fashionable ensemble. Don’t be afraid to try other styles because, with an infinity scarf, you can maneuver it in different ways.