How to Wear Palazzo Pants If You’re Over 50: 10 Styles You Can Copy

Like any other trousers, a pair of palazzo pants serves its purpose of giving comfort, more so, a fashion statement. Aside from dressing up to look younger, dress to impress by pulling off the palazzo pants to appear chic and a worthy head-turner. 

So, listen no more to a famous line of dressing your age as you can slay this versatile garment in your 50s. 

As it has been said, different styles are being laid out just for you if you are tired of the usual ways of wearing these pants. Explore it yourself and try out these techniques for a fresher and newer look. 

10 Ways of Wearing Palazzo Pants in Your 50s

A lot of fashion styles are making their way into the fashion industry, where you can choose what suits your taste without overdoing it. And these fashion statements define your personality toward timeless elegance and beauty. Therefore, delve into these ten styles that you can copy and enjoy regardless of your age.

1. Just Tuck It In

Tucking in your top helps create an illusion of a waist when wearing these wide-legged pants. You may choose from a fit long-sleeved top, an off-shoulder, or a top with a deep neckline to pair with these pants to accentuate the goal you have in mind. And pulling your hair up or in a messy bun will make you have a longer and slimmer figure. It is perfect for looking more tailored for work.

Source: Sadaqat Ali

2. Indulge in Stripes

Since your body shape changes as you age, stripes have always been effective in creating a lean image. And when you wear pinstripe palazzo pants, your legs will look elongated and narrow, suited for most body types. Between thin stripes and thick stripes, the former is the better choice since it is harder to focus and is more thinning than the latter.

The easiest way to nail this outfit is by choosing a white top which is essential to integrate with this look. A pair of leather heeled sandals complete this classic combination.

Source: Ahmed Carter

3. Go In a Flowy Palazzo

Flowy palazzo pants will save the day when you opt to hide flaws in your figure, especially in your hip and butt area. Its versatile purpose makes women of all ages wear this, whether on formal or informal occasions. So, you do not have to be conscious of your figure since this pair can cover it all up.

You can always go for an all-black look. Just match these flowy palazzo pants as well as your black bolero jacket with a lighter shaded top to give out a complementary effect in the outfit.

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4. Simple as White

This next way of wearing a pair of palazzo pants is nothing extraordinary. However, nothing beats white if you want to pull off a simple but elegant look. It makes you look fresher with a pleasing appearance whenever you go monochrome. With this, you do not have to stress yourself in choosing complementary colors. Pick your favorite accessories, such as a couple of diamond earrings and your comfortable white espadrille sandals.

Source: Polina Tankilevitch

5. Strut It in a Nude Hue

Aside from looking fresh in white, a nude color should be another thing on your list. Beige, brown, cream, and other lighter nude shades are an understated elegance that you can associate with fashion. And with this right shade of nude in your palazzo pants, your complexion radiates and brightens.

You can mix and match this true neutral hue with a white inner top, so there is a contrasting color in your style. You are ready to go with your simple accessories like watches or bracelets and a pair of matching leather shoes.

Source: violeta.zuvela

6. Tie It up With a Belt

From its primary purpose of carrying tools to securing loose pants, a belt is regarded as important for fashion. Thus, using this in your palazzo pants gives you an illusion of a smaller waist if you are not blessed with one. Also, it is a fashion accessory that will accentuate and add color to any ensemble you would like to pull off.

bly, a lighter shade top and dark tones of your palazzo pants will look good. Make sure that your belt color and size complement your pants. A pair of comfortable heeled shoes or sandals will complete this outfit.

Source: Polina Tankilevitch

7. No Sweat in Your Sweater

Palazzo pants are known as summer attire and are worn in casual affairs. However, these pants made of cotton and linen fabrics can also be for cold seasons. A sweater is perfect to match your chic look with these pants and is ideal for combatting the cold. And if you would like to hang out with your family, chunky heels will help make you look taller while your legs will have a slimmer physique.

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8. Layer It up With a Coat

Another way to sashay in your palazzo pants is with a coat and muted colors. Being a minimalist is a tough job. Even so, its popularity has increased rapidly. With these neutral hues in your look, a green bag is necessary for a gorgeous pop of color. And looking at this outfit, you can ensure a fresher look with a combination of grace.

In this look, take into consideration the length of your coat since it might overshadow your palazzo pants. You would not like to look like a detective with this. Take time to see yourself in the mirror and inspect your overall appearance. A stiletto or a peep toe is better in this outfit.

Source: venswifestyle

9. Fresh With a Lace Blouse

Palazzo pants and a lace blouse are a balance of fashion and comfort. Despite the simplicity of this combo, they are a vision of modesty. And for a middle-aged woman like you, a tinge of light colors is what you would like when enjoying a cup of tea with friends or at a family gathering.

You can choose a simple lace blouse with short or long sleeves and make sure to tuck it in to ensure a neat and classic look. You can have fun while cherishing the comfort of these palazzo pants in the comfort of your flat shoes.

Source: Pavel Danilyuk

10. Sizzle It With Silk

You do not have to admire young ladies when you can pull off a silk spaghetti strap top and a pair of palazzo pants. Your top will give you a refined look and will enhance your shoulders and neck to make them look slender. Despite your age, there is no harm in showing off a small amount of your skin to a fresher-looking you.

As these palazzo pants will give an illusion of longer legs, tucking in your top will add to this mirage that you would like to achieve. And for your accessories, you can go simple with a silver-colored watch and a pair of sunglasses.

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6 Simple Tips To Remember

There is no significant difference if you, a 50-year-old woman, prefer wearing palazzo pants and choose to add them to your collection. There are just six reminders to bear in mind to ace the palazzo challenge.

1. Simple Is Better

Neutral pairs, block colors, simple shapes, and clean cuts are better when flaunting a crisp-looking you. However, it still depends on your fashion preference. It is not about what you wear but how you carry yourself and the style that you want.

2. Know-How to Tuck It In

Palazzo pants are wide-legged pants. So, consider the different ways to tuck in your top, especially the baggy ones. Because at your age, loose or baggy tops help hide loose skins in your arms and torso. And for a better result, you can use a belt to your liking.

3. Slick in Fitted Tops

Fitted tops are suitable for ladies at your age to display a slender body shape. These also help you achieve a finer posture for a polished look that you fancy.

4.  Separate Colors

You must know where to draw the line with your chosen color combination. Since you are aiming for a slimmer figure, remember where your top and pants begin and where they end.

5. Stay Away From Too Much Black

Black is not always good for you. It may be good in giving off an illusion of a slender body shape but overusing it is a big no to fashion creativity. Explore other colors, especially the neutral ones. Take a risk!

6. Prioritize a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

For ladies in their 50s, shoes with low heels and slip resilient soles should be considered to prevent accidents, especially when wearing palazzo pants. To look good is something but maximizing safety is more important.