Is Tommy Hilfiger a Good Brand? Facts and FAQs

Certainly. Tommy Hilfiger is a global signature brand that came into the business in 1985. Its remarkable birth is exceptional than most luxury brands due to its wide range of products that are easy to access. 

Of course, with its diverse nature in items being sold, Tommy Hilfiger would always remain as one among the many other renowned fashion brands to be under the scrutiny of the public as well as of critics due to its strengths and weaknesses.

Nonetheless, the American brand is labeled good at the end of the day because what they’re truly offering are well-thought-out products that are exquisitely designed, affordable, and most especially, sustainable.

4 Things Tommy Hilfiger Is Known For

It’s impossible to assess the goodness and quality of Tommy Hilfiger without first knowing and understanding what this brand is all about. Let’s check out what Tommy Hilfiger has to offer to the Americans as well as to the people around the world.

1. Designer Clothes

Tommy Hilfiger clothing is basically perpetual in style, fabric, colors, and fit. The brand is a good choice for parties and formal events and the perk is that they don’t come with a shocking price tag.

Despite the fact that the brand is technically not insane when it comes to exclusivity and cost, it won’t give it justice to compare it with other brands that you can easily get access to whether online or in a physical world.

Tommy Hilfiger is unique on its own and needs no comparison to anything. Should you want to get your hands on their designer clothes, visit Hollywood Boulevard or New York for its stores, or else you’ll highly end up with knock-offs.

2. Quality Watches

The American brand has partnered with a Swiss company, Movado, in regard to all of their watches. The Swiss watchmakers, as you know, are hailed to be some of the finest makers of luxury watches. They uphold a certain standard, reputation, and a strong inclination to continue the powerful legacy they are about to leave to the next Swiss watchmakers.

As it’s worthy to mention, Tommy Hilfiger watches are one of the best. It’s no wonder at all since the founder of the company comes from a long line of watchmakers.

3. Tailored Suits

The suits from the retailing company are well-tailored so that numbers won’t be enough to grade the excellence of their quality. These days, slim suits are highly preferred to be worn in contrast to baggy or oversized ones which were prevalent back in the day.

Typically, the suits are made from a wool blend, perfect to be worn in whatever season.

4. Shoes, Bags, & Wallets

Since the Tommy Hilfiger brand does not focus on one market alone, you have guessed it right that it also sells other items like shoes, bags, and wallets. Sure, Adidas, Nike, and other big brands have the same venture, but what puts Tommy Hilfiger at an advantage is its outstanding universal designs, versatility, comfortability, and wide range of options.

7 Reasons Why Tommy Hilfiger Is a Quality Brand

A brand can only be called good if it puts value on its customer as well as grants them consistent satisfaction when it comes to its products. With Tommy Hilfiger as a fashion choice, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. 

Let’s look at eight reasons why this is so…

1. Excellent Brand Image

Although Tommy Hilfiger is a reputable brand, its image is in a separate category in contrast to the Gucci or Louis Vuitton brands. This designer leans more to the practical yet classy side. 

For so long, Tommy Hilfiger focuses on producing clothes that are accessible, affordable, classic, and aspirational. These are what drove it to survive and surpass the Great Recession that happened last 2007 to 2009. 

2. Charity Works

Another reason why Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand is due to its charity causes. The company does not forget about giving back something to the community. Some of the recipients of the generosity of this company are the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, and Naked Heart Foundation.

These efforts say a lot about the retail company and that is it’s not focused on just making profits but as well as making the world a better place to live in.

3. Products & Quality 

The products manufactured by this retail designer rarely disappoint consumers. When we talk about Tommy Hilfiger, we think of “exceptional quality”. Their variety of merchandise is at a higher level compared to other mainstream markets that offer the same goods. 

Their fruits of labor are often logo-ed with their classic color palette that consists of red, white, and blue— a crowd favorite that never goes out of style. Through the years, the brand has expanded its choice of colors to complement every individual’s taste.

4. Variety

Tommy Hilfiger sure is a masculine brand name, but don’t think of this as an exclusive designer that only caters to men’s needs. The clothing and other goods from this company are offered to men, women, and children. 

There are watches, footwear, and accessories branded as Tommy Hilfiger. These assortments attract a wider audience which is a good business strategy. Why go elsewhere when you can have it from the brand?

5. Affordability 

Next up is affordability. All the products made by Tommy Hilfiger are dependable, durable, and are made from quality materials at their lowest prices. This is why a lot of consumers trust the brand. 

Even though there can be cases of complaints toward the company, they are most likely due to the knock-offs bought by people who think they have gotten the genuine ones.

6. Fashion Appeal

It’s no question whether Tommy Hilfiger is still in fashion today. They still are thanks to the timeless American casual wear they offer to the public. Their designs, colors, and products appeal to many consumers.

They regularly update their creations to keep up with the trend and suit everyone’s palate when it comes to apparel and accessories.

7. Availability

A pattern we have noticed from luxury brands like Hermès and Chanel is that you won’t easily get a certain exclusive bag on your hands. With Tommy Hilfiger though, what you are after, you can get in a jiffy. 

This is not mostly because they manufacture a lot but rather primarily due to their prices. Its inexpensiveness makes almost everyone effortlessly have a product from this well-known designer.

Does Tommy Hilfiger Give Out Sales?

This premium American brand is up to giving sales for everyone at a particular time each year. If you’re lucky, you might end up buying their stuff in bulk as they can be offered at prices that are 60% off.

You only have to be vigilant about when they cut their prices down or check the privileges offered like the student discount which is 15% when the shopping is done online or 10% when you’re buying from the physical store.

What’s the Average Budget Suitable on Tommy Hilfiger Products?

There’s no exact estimate on how much you would need to spend on one visit to a Tommy Hilfiger Store. The country you’re in would factor your pocket money for fashion as well as your list of things to buy.

To give you a sort of idea though when it comes to costs is that the brand that sells in Europe, Asia, and New York places a reasonably more expensive price tag due to the quality that comes along with it.

There’s a chance that you would stumble across a shop like Macy’s, for example, that sells things cheaply, but it’s possible that they are of poor caliber. 

Where Are Tommy Hilfiger Products Manufactured?

Usually, the Tommy Hilfiger brand works closely within the local communities to guarantee the quality it’s been known for decades. However, with so much demand and other reasons, China and Vietnam are also listed as the manufacturers of the brand in terms of clothing, shoes, and more.

As mentioned, the watches are manufactured in Switzerland but the timepieces are made in China. As for the accuracy of the movements inside the watch, the Japanese workers are put in charge as they’re very precise, reliable, and unlikely to create a product that would require any maintenance.

Are Tommy Hilfiger Products Environment-Friendly?

The sustainability rate of Tommy Hilfiger is best labeled as “it’s a start”. The American fashion brand aims to use eco-friendly materials and is set to recycle to reduce greenhouse emissions from its own operations for the production of goods.

The transition seems to be rocky for Tommy Hilfiger as, so far, no groundbreaking differences are seen. They are still yet to prove their objectives for the environment, people, and animals.

How Good Is the Tommy Hilfiger Brand’s Customer Service?

Technically, it is certainly easy to reach out to the brand in case you have feedback, complaint, or suggestion to impart. They have a button for a live chat agent, contact details for online or store inquiries, and email information that respond within 48 hours.

Just like other brands, no matter how big or small they are, Tommy Hilfiger has its fair share of bad reviews when it comes to their customer service. This is something the global apparel company has to continuously work on. 

What Is the Return and Refund Policy of Tommy Hilfiger?

Tommy Hilfiger has a return and refund policy that may take quite a while to complete as a process. Online returns both from the US and Canada must be received by the warehouse within 45 days of the shipping confirmation date.

Once it arrives, a good 7 to 14 business days are needed for the initial process to be done and another 3 to 5 business days before you will receive the credit. 

As for exchanges, processes online are not feasible, but the brand accepts in-store exchanges within 45 days of the shipping confirmation date. For the transaction to be deemed valid, the item has to be unworn, tagged and comes along with a return slip.