Best Shoes for Women’s Slacks: All 15 Pairs You Can Wear

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion these days, more so if you plan on throwing a pair of slacks, but it certainly isn’t easy solving such an intricate puzzle that involves thinking about what else to wear for the day. 

At the end of it all, comfort is of utmost priority and you can wear whatever you want, but there are certain accessories and garments that work better together than others. This comes off true, especially when it comes to footwear.

If you aren’t sure what shoes go best with your slacks, there are at least 15 pairs that you can consider using or buying if you don’t have any of these yet. See for yourself how to pick the right ones!

1. Classic Black Combat Boots

Combat shoes are made for women who are ready for action. This military-inspired footwear is best described as nothing but magical. As we all know, slacks don’t have one standard style, yet despite its wide range of options, black combat boots make the whole attire look well put together. With their stability and beyond perfect grip around the feet, it’s no wonder why Kendall Jenner thinks having a pair is a must for every season.

2. Eye-Catching Patent Leather High-Heeled Boots

Even though it may seem a bit boring sometimes, it is true that we all need a pair of black shoes. Before, the sight of these can make someone cringe, but these days, the patent leather high-heeled boots are swaggered on the runway! In attending such a high-class event in the world of fashion, most opt by wearing this eye-catching pair of footwear whilst going all out from ankles up to the head. Slacks of any type can be worn with these just as long as the length goes from 3 to 4 inches above the ankles.

3. Feet-Sexy Décolleté Shoes

Off to your work? Nothing would make you classier in your pants than a pair of Décolleté shoes. For most ladies, these are the symbol of femininity should we talk about footwear. The way it’s constructed exudes elegance, timelessness, and sensuality. Any wearer will automatically feel the power when it comes to flaunting this pair as confidence soars high during your meeting with your top boss. Of course, the looks of them are nothing without a bit of swaying hips and a head high posture.

4. Timeless Brown Kitten Heel

As soon as Kim Kardashian’s fame exploded like a bomb as a reality TV star, her choice for fashion clothes, as were inspired by no other than Kanye West or now known as “Ye”, became an instant hit for women worldwide. Nothing is more remarkable than her showing her obsession with the light pinkish beige color and nude tones. Here, brown kitten heels or anything of the same near shade is a great pick for neutral outfits, particularly when we talk about slacks.

5. Tempting Slim Ankle Strap Heels

There is a reason why ankle strap heels stay in fashion. You have to move yourself out from the practical box and ditch the mindset that the construction of this pair is far from durable because that is simply not true. Well, depending on the brand you are after, of course. Taking care of your feet doesn’t just end after a pedi session, so let your toes out and protect them a few inches from the ground by throwing on this kind of footwear. You can match the color according to your pants or see which shades work together if they come from two different palettes.

6. Attractive Mint Pumps

This brings back memories when around 2012 or so, pumps suddenly became a huge thing, to say the least. These were the go-to footwear for proms, parties, club events, and so on. Who would even doubt about getting at least a pair when these look sexy as heck on the feet? Pumps look chunky on the front, but they’re not that prominent, plus the heels are thick enough to offer support. Whether you go for a matchy top and pants, make sure your pumps vibe with your color combo.

7. Edgy Chunky Sneakers

Some of us are not the keenest when it comes to wearing heels. Another footwear staple to bear in mind is the sneakers. With a pair of slacks, you can sprout countless fresh inspirations that would help feature your interest in trainers. All you have to do is to create a whole ensemble without forgetting how to accessorize. Invest in a good pair from brands like Nike, Fila, Adidas, or Converse for a guaranteed quality that would match the price you spent. Sneakers look better on slacks that are not overly loose in fit and are folded a few inches above the ankles.

8. Seductive Pointed Toe Stiletto Boots

Oh boy, if you are looking to add a few inches to your height, stiletto boots will perfectly complement your entire ensemble. This signature footwear is known for its pointy feature and length that can either be ankle-length or go beyond the calves or thighs. The fit contributes to it being one of the most comfortable types of shoes you can wear and you can easily have them worn under your slacks. Don’t hesitate to purchase a high-quality pair to avoid seeing your toe ridging through the pointed area of your shoes.

9. All-Time Favorite White Sneakers

Smart shoe lovers know for a fact that the most versatile shoes out there are not those that are embellished with stones or painted with every known color. The foundation of fashion boils down to the most basic of all, and by particularly discussing footwear, we’d be talking about nothing else but white sneakers. No, they don’t fail in qualifying to your day-to-day shoe options as they go just by anything whether it be short shorts, skirts, or slacks. These lean more to a casual daytime look perfect for laid-back or on-the-go women.

10. In Doll-like Mary Janes

Also known as bar shoes, a pair of Mary Jane sparks the kinderwhore vibes and lolita fashion. This closed, low-cut footwear that showcases a strap across the instep is not exclusive to kindergarten students, contrary to what we commonly see at school. But, in the world of fashion, imagination has no limits or restrictions. It’s constantly in pursuit to see which goes best in attire and one of the best matches of Mary Janes is a pair of slacks in a somewhat fitted form. Avoid wide-leg trousers or anything that flares down.

11. Laidback in Mules

Honestly, we think of mules as the snazzy sister of your classic pumps. For real, you can wear these practically anywhere no matter the kind of occasion you are wearing as a replacement to your other regularly worn footwear. This basically means that mules are associated with versatility which is one thing we look for in a pair of shoes. Whether they’re bedazzled or plainly made, there’s no use swapping your comfortability and style for anything else. Mules look best in slacks that either match their color or are close in shade. Don’t go for pants that are too loose either.


12. White Heel Side Zip Sock Boot

Don’t doubt your decision on branching out from your typical black and brown color palettes this year and try something else for once! White may be deemed a common shade, but people shrug their shoulders at a pair of white boots thinking they’d be hard to maintain. Contrary to this, white side-zipped sock boots are best for summer outfits. When the day starts getting bright, you gotta wear something light! Forget about those skinny jeans and upgrade your look into something more visually appealing like culottes and fatigue trousers.

13. Multi-Strap Square Toe Heels

Want more details on your feet? Then the strappy heels would be your thing. Trust me when I say this footwear is going to garner the crowd’s attention. All you need to do is pair it with the right outfit and accessories. If you love black, you can definitely sport the color in the rest of your attire starting from your pants up to your headband. It’s your call. Either you play by the rules or defy all of them. Mind you, there are pointed ones and square toe heels, so try them both and see which flatters your feet more.

14. Chunky Platform Patent Mint Shoes

One of the most talked-about footwear in recent years is the chunky platform sneakers. Give your boots a break and give yourself the feeling of literally reaching the sky. These have strong retro vibes but the pants you can wear them with are not exclusive to the ones deemed to be vintage in style. With the wide variety of slacks, carefully choose which ones suit best your choice of shoes. Take your time in the mirror before heading out with your pals!

15. High-Heeled Mules

Do you think high-heeled mules are exclusive only for moms? Well, darling, these are now back in style and people seem to love having a pair or two. Once the winter season is over, it puts people in a sense of excitement to go out there with an area of their feet exposed. However, if you are not yet up for the sandal season and still need some covering, these mules would give you the adequate coverage you’re looking for. Office slacks or drawstring waist pants are just some of the types of slacks you can wear with this footwear.